The Zenith Chronomaster Sport Titanium Is A Lesson In Precision

With the Chronomaster Sport Titanium, Zenith has created a watch for the modern innovator

Hot on the heels of LVMH watch week, Zenith has launched a new chronograph in celebration of the 2024 Ultimate Tennis Showdown, for which the Maison is the official timekeeper.

THROUGHOUT ZENITH’S HISTORY, the Swiss watchmaker has made a habit of hitching its wagon to innovators who have dared to think outside of the box. In 1913, in the early days of the watchmaker’s history, a Zenith watch accompanied French aviation pioneer Louis Blériot on the first ever flight across the English Channel. Nearly a century later, a Zenith watch became the first timepiece to free-fall through the stratosphere when Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner fell back to earth with a Zenith El Primero on his wrist. Even the great Mahatma Gandhi, in spite of his aversion to material possessions, was known to keep a Zenith watch. This attachment to changemakers is still driving Zenith to this day.

Zenith is the official timekeeper of the Ultimate Tennis Showdown (UTS), which just held its first event of 2024 in Oslo. The UTS is the brainchild of renowned coach Patrick Mouratoglou, who has guided tennis stars like Serena Williams, Stefanos Tsitsipas and Holger Rune to success. The UTS is all about disrupting tennis’ status quo by reinventing the way the sport is played and watched, with a faster, sharper set of rules and dynamic format designed to attract a younger fanbase. At UTS 8 earlier this week, Andrey Rublev became the first player to win multiple UTS titles, downing Aussie Alex De Minaur 3-1.

Under UTS rules, matches are divided into timed quarters rather than sets, a 15-second shot clock minimises the time between points, and players are even allowed to call timeouts to stop play. As you’d expect under a system where every second counts, accurate timekeeping is paramount—and that’s where Zenith excels.

To celebrate the first event of the 2024 UTS season, Zenith have released the Chronomaster Sport Titanium, a refined horological work perfectly suited to the intensity and excitement of UTS-style tennis. And the head honcho agrees. Patrick Mouratoglou, the driving force behind UTS, emphasised the importance of time in his league, and his affinity for Zenith watches. “In the UTS league, time is always in players’ minds because it is at the centre of the concept. Every match ends when time runs out.” Mouratoglou said. “The Chronomaster Sport Titanium is more than a watch for us. It’s a symbol of how important time is in UTS.”

Crafted from lightweight and durable grade 5 titanium, the Chronomaster Sport offers unparalleled performance on and off the court. An exceptional strength-to-density ratio ensures strength and durability, while resistance to corrosion and paramagnetic properties make it an ideal choice for demanding environments. Weighing 30 per cent less than its steel equivalent, the Titanium edition also provides an unbeatable lightweight feel.





The design of the Chronomaster Sport Titanium reflects Zenith’s commitment to both form and function. The 41mm case features a satin-brushed finish, accented by polished chamfers and a sunburst satin-brushed titanium bezel engraved with a 1/10th of a second scale. The dial, which is nickel-grey and features a sunray pattern, pays homage to Zenith’s signature tricolour design, while the chronograph counters add a touch of sophistication. Completing the ensemble is a three-link bracelet made from vertically satin-brushed titanium, ensuring a seamless integration with the case.

At the heart of the Chronomaster Sport Titanium beats the El Primero 3600 caliber, Zenith’s latest innovation in precision timekeeping. With a high frequency, the movement offers a 1/10th of a second indication, ensuring accuracy to the highest degree. Which is something that Zenith has long been renowned for. After completing his historic cross-channel flight, Louis Blériot is known to have said of his Zenith watch, “I cannot recommend it highly enough to people who care about accuracy.” Moreover, with an extended power reserve of 60 hours, the El Primero 3600 guarantees uninterrupted dependability for longer than any tennis match.

The Chronomaster Sport isn’t just sporty in name. For those seeking an active watch to accompany their equally active lifestyle, Zenith offers a range of FKM rubber straps, available in black, blue, green, and white. Designed for durability and comfort, these straps are the perfect complement to the Chronomaster Sport Titanium, providing a secure fit during even the most intense of activities.

Zenith have always exemplified excellence in watchmaking, so the innovation of the Chronomaster Sport Titanium should come as no surprise. As UTS tennis continues to gain popularity, Zenith remains at the forefront with impeccable accuracy in timekeeping. If every UTS event is to be marked by the release of a new Zenith watch, we can only hope the league has a long and prosperous future.






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