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Take To The Skies With Zenith’s New ‘Pilot’ Collection

Luxury Swiss watchmakers Zenith have revealed their latest collection of stylish timepieces - and it's a sight to behold.

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The dream of taking to the skies has always captured the hearts and minds of humanity. Not just the idea of physically soaring to new heights, but the ability to rise above it all and gain a new perspective. Zenith shares that dream. And with their new Pilot collection, the sky is truly the limit.

Based in Switzerland, Zenith has been shaping the future of watchmaking since 1865, when it became the first watch manufacturer in the modern sense of the term. Since then, Zenith’s watches have accompanied extraordinary figures that dared to dream big and strived to achieve the impossible – from Louis Blériot’s history-making flight across the English Channel to Felix Baumgartner’s record-setting stratospheric free-fall jump.

Zenith’s relationship with aviation is one of mutual admiration and intrinsic connection. Dating back as far as the late 19th century, when the manufacturer’s founder, Georges Favre-Jacot, was firm in his belief mankind was verging on finally mastering the air. And that Zenith should be there alongside the preeminent pioneers of the craft. Favre-Jacot capitalised on the world of freedom and opportunity that he foresaw and delivered a collection of timepiece’s favoured by pilot’s across the world.

To this day, Zenith continues to uphold and build upon its prestigious heritage of timeless timepiece’s. With the Pilot collection the latest addition in a long line of cutting edge watches. Finding the ideal balance between heritage and modern, the Pilot collection is Zenith’s longest-standing line-up. With every new chapter capturing the spirit of the skies and never failing to leave it’s admirer’s awe-struck. Whether you’re a veteran watch enthusiast or a titan of aviation, the pilot collection has something for everyone. Giving you the freedom to dream of rising high.

Zenith went back to the drawing board for the latest Pilot collection. Redesigning the entire line-up from scratch – with impeccable results. The new-look collection farewells the tried and tested vintage aesthetic for a design inspired by the entire history of aviation. Encompassing everything from past and present for a regal end product. The new collection is a combination of all the essential features watch afficionados want: durability, legibility and intuitiveness.

The design of the ‘Pilot Automatic’ is nothing short of an ode to aviation. With a plethora of features mimicking the aesthetic and practical functions of aviation instruments. The horizontal grooves of the black opaline dial are emblematic of the corrugated metal sheets on the fuselage of older aircraft. The watches Arabic numerals are oversized and luminescent, distinctive features of pilot’s dashboard’s since the birth of aviation, but now take on a uniquely modern touch. The dial is adorned with the signature “Pilot”, with Zenith remaining the only brand with the right to mark its dials with the moniker. And this is all powered by the El Primero 3620 high-frequency manufacture movement, which promises a power reserve of 60 hours. With all this and more, it’s time to reach for the stars.

Find more on the Pilot collection here.

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