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15 Elite Vegan Athletes Performing At Their Peak On A Plant-Based Diet

Whether it’s running or weight lifting, these athletes prove that a plant-based diet doesn’t mean a decrease in size or strength.

If you have a Netflix subscription – like seemingly everyone on the planet these days – you’ve likely watched a documentary pertaining to plant-based diets and their environmental impact. From The Game Changers to Seaspiracy, where it used to be the case that eating meat was heralded with the kind of bravado you’d reserve for crushing a set at the gym, now we’re more reluctant to cut into red meat, or at least not every day of the week. As we take a discerning eye to everything that goes into our bodies, meat has been a subject of great debate. And as countless athletes have since made the switch to plant-based diets, it seems animal products are no longer a necessity when it comes to bulking or strength training.

If you had any doubt as to the power of a vegan diet, look no further than these elite athletes. Whether it’s running, weight lifting or competing on the football field, these athletes prove that you can still perform at your physical peak while eschewing animal products. Here are some of the world’s most renowned athletes who are all powered by plants.

Lewis Hamilton

The star Formula One champion and vegan is a vocal supporter of animal rights and has long proclaimed the benefits, both mentally and physically, of going plant based. 


James Wilks

The former UFC fighter switched to a plant-based diet while recovering from injury, showing that meat isn’t needed for strength and muscle building. 


Dotsie Bausch

Tia Blanco

The vegan surfer has been vegan for some time, and her performance has only continued to improve. 


Scott Jurek

The ultra runner switched to a vegan diet and experienced countless improvements to his body composition. As he said in an interview, “A lot of people assume that one needs to eat animal products to gain a lot of muscle mass or sufficient muscle mass for even power sports, and that’s definitely been proved false time and time again.”


Morgan Mitchell

The Australian sprinter became an Olympian in 2016 at just 21-years-old. She went vegan in 2014 after watching a documentary about animal cruelty and has found the diet allows her to recover a lot quicker and has improved her energy. 


Rich Roll

The podcaster, ultra man and Ironman athlete has long proclaimed the benefits of going plant based. He told Men’s Health, “There’s a huge misconception that A, going vegan is going to be incredibly time-consuming, or B, that it’s going to be more expensive than eating traditionally. That has not been my experience.”


Patrik Baboumian

Alex Morgan

Heather Mitts

Fiona Oakes

Kyrie Irving

Colin Kaepernick

Kendrick Farris

DeAndre Jordan

Javale McGee

By Jessica Campbell

Jess is a storyteller committed to sharing the human stories that lie at the heart of sport.

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