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The 5 Best Pairs of Compression Pants for Men

These tights can help you look and perform better.

Men’s compression tights have come a long way. If you’ve never considered them out of fear of…. ahem, overexposure, you should know that the innovations in crotch covering have greatly improved. And tight-fitting leggings have been embraced by more men than ever thanks to this.

“It’s not only about what it gives you in terms of performance benefit, moisture management, support, and comfort,” Dan Leraris, Under Armour’s VP of Apparel for Men’s Training, Basketball, Golf and Youth, previously told Mens Health. “It’s also about the psychological benefit of how you put it on and lock in.”

And wearing a pair of compression tights may improve your athletic performance. The theory behind wearing compression gear is as follows: the tight fabric squeezes and supports your veins and helps your blood make the journey back to your heart, thus improving oxygen flow and speeding recovery. (They may be an asset to help prevent muscle soreness.) And compression gear comes in all types, from shorts to arm sleeves to shirts.

“It can help with biomechanics,” Dr. Gerardo Miranda-Comas, a sports medicine physician and assistant professor at the Icahn School of Medicine, previously told Mens Health. “And personally that’s why I recommend it at times. … Compression helps recruit muscle adequately and give you more synchronized movement.”

Looking to invest in a great pair of compression tights? These 10 pairs can serve as functional pieces of clothing, style statements, and recovery tools, making them some of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can put on your body.

2xu Light Speed Compression Tights

2XU Light Speed Compression Tights

These full length tights from 2XU feature revolutionary Muscle Containment Stamping (MCS) technology and have been developed with a detailed understanding of the impact running has on the legs, reducing muscle movement, damage and fatigue for your best run yet.

Nike Dri-FIT Swift Men's Running Tights

Nike Dri-FIT Swift Men’s Running Tights

These Nike tights have a ribbed material that helps provide cooling and a perforated Flyvent waistband for lightweight ventilation. They also have 2 zippered, drop-in pockets at each hip to store your phone and cards.

Lululemon Vital Drive Tight 28"

Lululemon Vital Drive Tight 28″

These Lululemon tights were designed for hard workouts and are made of a sweat-wicking Lycra fabric that has reflective details which makes them great for training in the dark. They have also have drop-in pockets with a hidden phone sleeve for extra storage.

Men's UA RUSH Seamless Leggings

Men’s UA RUSH Seamless Leggings

These Under Armour tights are made of a mineral-infused fabric that absorbs & reflects heat back to improve endurance. They are also seamless, so there are no itchy seams to irritate your skin.

Gym Shark Element Baselayer Leggings

Gym Shark Element Baselayer Leggings

Yes, you’ve seen this brand plastered all over the internet—but the gear can perform in the gym, too. Use these leggings as a base layer to crush your strength training workouts.

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