Brooks Launches Ghost 16 And 'Let's Run There' Brand Platform

Brooks launches new brand platform ‘Let’s Run There’ along with the Ghost 16

The times they are a-changin' at Brooks. The high-performance footwear titan is changing its signature tagline, with 'Let's Run There' replacing 'Run Happy'. To celebrate, Brooks is also launching a new shoe from an iconic line, the Ghost 16

WITH RUN CLUBS emerging as the biggest fitness trend of 2024, the power of running has never been more in focus – and the connection between a sense of community and conquering goals has never been clearer. Brooks is capitalising on that shift, unveiling a new brand platform in ‘Let’s Run There‘ to reflect consumers’ changing relationships with running, which indicate that they’re taking a more holistic view of their health. While only three words long, there’s a lot to unpack from that tagline.

No longer is running only seen as a path to improved physical health. The Run-Sights Lab, Brooks’ consumer insights team, has been researching how younger generations view the role of running. What they’ve found is that young people, particularly those belonging to Gen Z, believe that the benefits of running extend far beyond the physical realm. New generations see running for its mental and social benefits as well, with running also offering an opportunity to clear your head and connect with friends. This newfound approach is reflected in Brooks’ new tagline.


Firstly, ‘Let’s’ is an indication of Brooks’ continued efforts to foster a strong connection between the brand and runners, because you’re never really alone on your journeys. ‘Run’ speaks for itself – Brooks makes running apparel, what else do you expect? Finally, ‘There’ is inspired by the belief that running isn’t simply a means of getting from point A to B, but that it’s a journey to a better place. What that place is, be it tangible or intangible, is up for interpretation – it could be a literal destination or a finish line, or an abstract feeling. We’ll leave that up to the runners.

While Brooks is changing directions in terms of brand platform, don’t expect a downgrade in quality. Coinciding with the launch of ‘Let’s Run There’, Brooks is releasing the Ghost 16, the latest iteration of the celebrated Ghost line. The Ghost 16 is a daily trainer built for comfort and impact-absorption during road running. The shoe’s superior cushioning is made from nitrogen-infused DNA LOFT v3, providing a supportive and ultra responsive ride. A segmented crash pad ensures a super-smooth heel-to-toe transition, while an air mesh upper delivers just enough breathability and stretch without sacrificing structure. What’s more, the Ghost 16 is a certified carbon neutral, to put your eco-conscious mind at ease.

In the coming weeks, expect to see Brooks’ ‘Let’s Run There‘ campaign in TV spots and the Ghost 16 on the feet of runners with an all-encompassing view on the power of running and community.


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