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Can You Take On Chris Hemsworth’s Monster 800-Rep Workout?

Hemsworth shared yet another workout video, using just a 20k barbell to pack in the ultimate sweat session.

Hollywood is known for producing an epic transformation of sorts. From actors suddenly sporting buff bods with the kind of gym-honed physiques you’d expect of someone whose life work demands getting in the best shape possible, we’ve seen countless actors step into a new role only to lose their physical prowess as soon as filming wraps. The same can’t be said for Aussie Golden Boy Chris Hemsworth though, a man who seems to be perpetually jacked. 

In recent years, Hemsworth has cemented his place in Hollywood as the go-to actor for movies requiring high levels of physicality and action. It was 2011’s Thor though, that seems most synonymous with the actor, who so fully embodied the God of Thunder that it’s hard to imagine anyone else ever even being considered for the part. While we can’t neglect the acting prowess of Hemsworth, it’s also fair to say that to play such a role requires an unimaginable time spent in the gym and his dedication to the part is something that needs be acknowledged. 

As the countdown to Thor: Love and Thunder begins, you might have expected Hemsworth to be laying low and relaxing on his fitness, but the actor instead proves that his passion for fitness is one that extends to a daily basis and a lifestyle that sees him carve out time for his workouts. Sharing another punishing challenge to his Instagram, Hemsworth found yet another way to break a serious sweat using just one piece of equipment: a 45-pound (approx. 20kg) barbell. 

In this “monster” 10-set workout, the lifts featured are ones any beginner can attempt and learn to master. Make no mistake though, this one isn’t for the faint-hearted and requires some serious strength and cardiovascular endurance as you push on through the set. Hemsworth recommends running the circuit 10 times for a grand total of 800 reps – yikes. 

Check out the workout below. Who knows, a few months of this and you might just be sporting some guns that could rival the God of Thunder himself. 

The Workout:

10 bicep curls

10 overhead presses

10 tricep extensions

10 squats

10 bent-over rows 

10 single-leg lunges (left and right)

10 standing twists (back and forth equals one rep)

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