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The First Teaser To Chris Hemsworth’s ‘Extraction 2’ Has Officially Dropped

Chris Hemsworth stunned audiences in Extraction, and now the Aussie star is set to return in the role of Tyler Rake in a sequel. Here’s everything you need to know about the second instalment.

He’s known for his high-adrenaline, fast-paced action roles, the kind that require relentless energy and the fighting skills you’d expect of a highly-trained MMA fighter, so it’s hardly surprising that Chris Hemsworth’s character of Tyler Rake, a former Aussie SASR soldier-turned-elite mercenary, in Netflix’s Extraction was a match fit for the ages. When the film first landed on Netflix, audiences wasted no time in binge-watching the engrossing project, seeing the film immediately jump to the most-watched spot on the platform. 

Hemsworth’s biggest role might always be that of Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but he proves such a convincing Tyler Rake that a sequel was quickly announced and it’s now all fans can do but speculate as to what might be involved in the second instalment. For those who have the memory of a goldfish and can’t remember the details, the first film saw Rake embark on a mission to rescue and protect the son of an imprisoned international crime lord, only for the film’s ending to raise questions regarding Rake’s survival. 

But with a sequel announced and Hemsworth starring in it, it seems safe to say that Rake did survive those wounds acquired from gun fights and the kind of hand-to-hand combat that would make John Wick blush. It’s believed that the upcoming film will follow Rake’s latest mission to rescue the family of a Georgian gangster from prison. As fans now eagerly count down the days until its release, here’s everything you need to know about the second instalment. 

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What is the plot?

The original film ended with Rake escorting the young boy to safety, only for his character to be left for dead on a bridge. It was an ominous ending but one that also raised more questions than answers, with audiences left to wonder if he did survive the ordeal or instead died from his wounds. Only in the final shot of the film do we see a man standing in the distance who could very well be rake – alive and well. 

Though the ending was ambiguous, it did leave the door open for a sequel which has now been confirmed. Joe Russo previously said that he was unsure if the sequel would pick up where the original left off or return to Rake’s earlier days as a mercenary, “We’re not committing yet to whether that story goes forward, or backward in time. We left a big loose ending that leaves question marks for the audience.”

Now, it appears that the sequel will again follow Rake on his latest mission to rescue the family of a Georgian gangster from prison. However this time, news of his status has travelled far and he’s certainly got his fair share of adversaries in the form of paramilitary soldiers, helicopters and black sedans. 

Who is involved with Extraction 2?

The Russo sibling duo spearheaded the production of the first film and are set to return for the sequel, with Joe and his brother Anthony currently assembling the team behind Extraction 2. 

Director Sam Hargrave will once again return to the chair for Extraction 2, which is good news for fans, particularly after the fighting scenes were so praised in the original. As Hargrave explained, “For Extraction one, we had a major action scene that felt like one continuous shot. We call that a ‘oner’.” 

He added, “For Extraction 2, we’re going to push that even further with a sequence more intricate and more extreme than before. I’m very proud of what we’ve done. The end result is going to blow people’s minds.”

How did Chris Hemsworth train for Extraction 2?

Just like any project he does, Hemsworth has given Extraction 2 his all – particularly when it comes to training. Prior to filming, he worked hard in the gym to create a bulletproof rig and credits his health and wellness app, Centr, for getting him in shape. One such workout he loves is a combination of boxing work for cardio, squats to work the lower body, sit throughs for mobility, a series of crunch variations and ab twists that light up the core and pushups for the arms, shoulders and chest. 

He posted the workout to Instagram, adding: “Transitioning from heavy weight training to a lot more body weight functional movements concentrating on agility, strength and speed. Give this little workout a go and let the lungs scream for mercy!”

Does Extraction 2 have a release date?

Currently, no date has been set for Extraction 2, but with the first teaser being released, it seems safe to assume that it should land on the platform sometime in 2023. While it certainly gives you something to look forward to, there’s always the original that you can binge watch endlessly before then. 

Is there a trailer?

It’s not quite a trailer, but your first look for the sequel has arrived in the form of a tasty teaser trailer. Check it out below. 

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