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Chris Pratt Reveals The Emotional Toll His Parks And Rec Diet Took On His Health 

“I lived in a constant state of, ‘Oh, god. I’m freaking sick.’”

Before Chris Pratt became the impossibly jacked leading man posed with the task of thwarting intergalactic threats as Guardian of the Galaxy’s Star-Lord, we came to adore the star for his affable character of Andy Dwyer in the hit series, Parks and Rec. With his questionable grooming routine, visible gut and comedic charm that rendered every occasion one of hilarity, Dwyer was the character most gravitated towards on the show. We liked to think there was a little bit of Dwyer in each of us and came to aspire to that level of quick wit. 

For Pratt, the breakout performance made him endeared to audiences around the world. But as the star has since revealed, the diet he maintained over the course of the show was one doing more harm than good when it came to his own health, and served as a catalyst for him to get in better shape for later projects. “I can’t believe I would eat five cheeseburgers for lunch. I lived in a constant state of ‘Oh god, I’m freaking sick. I’ve eaten so much.’ And that was happiness at that time,” Pratt revealed in an interview with Men’s Health US. 

“Now, it’s the exact opposite. Now, eating is boring. But, the times between eating, I feel great. Before, eating was fun, but in the times in between, I felt like crap.”

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He may have come to make us all laugh from the comfort of our own homes, but it’s clear that the inner confidence of Dwyer was something Pratt was struggling with himself, weighing nearly 300 pounds (approx. 136 kilograms) at the time of shooting. It made his transformation a staggering one, emerging on our screens in Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic Park as a man who had completely overhauled their lifestyle, coming to make movement a necessary part of their daily routine, while also eating clean. 

Now, Pratt is preparing to take on a new role as a Navy SEAL in Amazon’s upcoming series, The Terminal List and you can guarantee he’s not holding back when it comes to the gruelling training sessions required to look the part. 

To get in shape for the role, he committed to intermittent fasting, where he only had a six-hour window between noon and 6PM to eat. During those hours, Pratt opted for chicken breast and lean proteins, vegetables, corn tortillas with eggs, avocados, health fats, and a steaming cup of black coffee. Those cheeseburgers are well and truly in the past. 

He’s come a long way since his Andy Dwyer days, but Pratt insists that even despite his outward appearance at the time of filming Parks and Rec, the character was one he feels great fondness for, given that it was also made to ensure the world didn’t rob Pratt of his inherent joyfulness. Opening up to Men’s Health US, he discussed how growing up as a sensitive child, his father acted as if he disliked Pratt in order to toughen him up. Pratt suggests that his father viewed his sensitivity as a liability because he “probably grew up in a world where a guy like that could get eaten alive.” But instead of hardening his resolve and toughening up much like his dad desired, Pratt protected his sensitivity, safe-guarded it, and from that an iconic TV character was born. 

“Early on, I developed humour as a self-defence mechanism – I developed Andy, really. Andy on Parks and Rec was my clown that I had honed my entire life, a guy who is affable, who’s an intelligent person playing a dumb person.”

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