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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Ab Workout Will Completely Torch Your Core

While many of us (*raises hand*) have taken the coronavirus quarantine as an excuse to rest on our laurels, Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t letting his fitness levels slide. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Be it interval sprints or ball drills with his son, he’s been regularly sharing workouts via Instagram to encourage his fans to keep moving.

Take this core crusher, for example: the 35-year-old demonstrates the exercise, showing off his core strength and control while racking up a whopping 142 reps in 45 seconds. Then, he challenges his followers to try it for themselves.

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Evidently tons of people rose to the challenge, with many commenting on his post that they’d managed to beat his record. By the way, the insanely tough workout was put together as part of Nike’s Living Room Cup, in which big-name athletes pose challenges to get people active while they’re stuck indoors during iso. (Ronaldo kicked off the proceedings, before passing the baton to Italian fencer Beatrice Vio.)

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