David Beckham Just Got Snapped With His Pants Down

Victoria Beckham just shared a cheeky photo of David Beckham in his underwear

Posh strikes again.

David Beckham is a style icon as well as a soccer legend, but it seems like when he’s at home, he prefers to hang out in his underwear. In a new Instagram post shared by his wife Victoria, the former athlete is captured providing tech support on the couple’s flatscreen TV, wearing nothing but a pair of white Calvin Klein boxers, with a whole lot of skin—not to mention his his numerable recognisable tattoos—on full display.

“Electrician came to fix the TV,” Victoria wrote in the caption. “You’re welcome!”

It’s far from the first thirsty photo of her husband that Victoria has shared online; she regularly punctuates her high-fashion Instagram grid with cheeky snaps of David in various states of undress. But you could argue, in fact, that this post is her carefully calculated revenge.

The couple have a penchant for lightly making fun of each other, and that was never demonstrated better than in the recent Beckham documentary in Netflix, which featured one scene in particular between David and Victoria in particular that went viral. During an interview, Victoria, known to an entire generation as Posh Spice, tried to state that she actually came from quite a humble, working class background—until David badgered here into finally admitting that she would get dropped off at school in her father’s Rolls-Royce.


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It’s a funny moment of gentle ribbing between two people who have been together for over 20 years. And it’s possible that Victoria’s “electrician” caption for this photo, casting her millionaire husband in a tradesman role, is a knowing wink to that jokey bit of class commentary. Or, perhaps more probably, it’s a case of a woman knowing exactly what kind of picture of her super-fit partner will blow up on her socials.

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