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Everything Coming To Netflix Australia This February 2023

The month of love is now upon us and nothing says romance quite like handing over control of the remote and settling in for a Netflix binge.

Whether you celebrate it or not, it’s hard not to see February as the month of love, one which holds a mirror up to your own romantic life as you question why you’re still single or how you got so lucky? Regardless of whether you find yourself wading through the mushy waters of love or alone this Valentine’s Day, it seems we can all agree that few things are less romantic than flowers. Valentine’s Day gifting is always a tricky affair but when it comes to celebrating romance, few things can top handing over control of the remote control and settling in for a night of binge watching as you shovel all manner of chocolate confectionery into your mouth. 

Thankfully, you don’t need to stray far when it comes to arranging the perfect date night as Netflix have you covered with a number of entertaining viewing options set to land on the streaming service. Perhaps the most anticipated of all is the return of You: Season 4 with part one airing on February 9. The series will deliver the crime, drama and romance we’ve come to expect, but starts anew with Joe living in London where he vows to bury the past and become his best self. Naturally though, a new obsession starts to take hold and it isn’t long before audiences come to recognise flashes of the old Joe returning. 

For loved-up couples wanting to bask in the fuzzy delight of the rom-com, Your Place or Mine sees Ashton Kutcher star alongside Reece Witherspoon in this story about best friends Debbie and Peter who are total opposites. The pair swap homes for a week, getting a peek into each other’s lives as they begin to question whether their relationship and if you can ever truly want the thing you already have. 

And look, not all of us have something to celebrate this Valentine’s Day. For many, it’s just another day on the calendar, yet another reminder of our phone groaning under the weight of abandoned text messages and unwanted Hinge matches. For those looking for a little more in the way of sporting action and entertainment this February, the return of Formula 1: Drive to Survive lands on February 24 with season five. 

With all that and more coming to Netflix this February, we’ve taken the guesswork out of what to watch and rounded up the full list of titles below. Now, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and relinquish control of the remote you’ve come to love in the palm of your hand. 

Everything Coming To Australia Netflix In February 2023


Freeridge (02/02/2023)

Class (03/02/2023)

The Exchange (08/02/2023)

You: Season 4 Part 1 (09/02/2023)

The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem (09/02/2023)

Love is Blind: After the Altar Season 3 (10/02/2023)

Love to Hate You (10/02/2023)

In Love All Over Again (14/02/2023)


Perfect Match (Rolling Episodes)

Episodes 1-4: 14/02/2023

Episodes 5-8: 21/02/2023

Episodes 9-12: 28/02/2023

Eva Lasting (15/02/2023)

#NoFilter (15/02/2023)

The Law According to Lidia Poët (15/02/2023)

Red Rose (15/02/2023)

The Upshaws: Part 3 (16/02/2023)

Ganglands: Season 2 (17/02/2023)

Community Squad (17/02/2023)

A Girl and an Astronaut (17/02/2023)

Triptych (22/02/2023)

Outer Banks: Season 3 (23/02/2023)

Who Were We Running From? (24/02/2023)

Too Hot to Handle: Germany (28/02/2023)



True Spirit (03/02/2023)

Stromboli (03/02/2023)

Vikingulven (03/02/2023)

Infiesto (03/02/2023)

Dear David (09/02/2023)

10 Days of a Good Man (10/02/2023)


Your Place or Mine (10/02/2023)

Squared Love All Over Again (13/02/2023)

All the Places (14/02/2023)

A Sunday Affair (14/02/2023)

Re/Member (14/02/2023)

Unlocked (17/02/2023)

The Strays (22/02/2023)

Call Me Chihiro (23/02/2023)

We Have a Ghost (24/02/2023)



Jim Jefferies: High n’ Dry (14/02/2023)

Whindersson Nunes: Preaching to the Choir (19/02/2023)

A Whole Lifetime with Jamie Demetriou (28/02/2023)


Gunther’s Millions (01/02/2023)

Bill Russell: Legend (08/02/2023)

African Queens: Njinga (15/02/2023)

Full Swing (15/02/2023)

Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal (22/02/2023)

Formula 1: Drive to Survive: Season 5 (24/02/2023)



The Love Punch (13/02/2023)

Girl Like You (15/02/2023)

Between a Frock and a Hard Place (15/02/2023)

Love & Other Drugs (15/02/2023)

Pitch Perfect (16/02/2023)

Jurassic World (16/02/2023)

The Unusual Suspects: Season 1 (16/02/2023)

Ellie and Abbie (and Ellie’s Dead Aunt) (17/02/2023)

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