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Everything You Didn’t Know About Penile Fractures As Told By A Doctor

Dr Karan Raj has recounted the harrowing time he had to treat a man’s broken penis. Here, he shares everything you need to know about penile fractures and what the experience is like.

Dr. Karan Raj has gone viral on YouTube and TikTok for content where he uses his medical expertise to help people relax, offering advice on how to deal with stress, enjoy a better night’s sleep, and even how to get rid of an unwanted boner. However, in one of his more recent videos, Raj shares a story from his time working the night shift in an emergency room which is more likely to give people nightmares.

Raj calmly recalls seeing a patient who feared he had broken his penis: he had been having rather enthusiastic sex when he heard a pop. “I noticed his appendage was bent, swollen and purple due to extensive bruising,” he says. “This, my friends, was a penile fracture.”

A penile fracture differs to other kinds of fractures that can be sustained elsewhere in the body, Raj explains, as the penis actually has no bones. The penis’ erect state happens as a result of blood flowing into the corpora cavernosa, blood vessels protected by the tunica which keep the blood contained and help the erect penis keep its stiff shape.

“That envelope gets thin and rigid and the organ beomes erect, and unfortunately highly breakable,” says Raj. “Aggressive pounding of the meat stick can cause a tear to the tunica albuginea which opens up the corpus cavernosa and lets all that blood out. If that happens, it’s a catastrophe and you need to go to the hospital immediately.”

Surgery is required in order to repair this kind of injury, and it must be done within 72 hours: if left too long, then there is a risk that scar tissue will form which will cause chronic pain and even erectile dysfunction.

While rare, a penile fracture usually occurs during sexual intercourse or overly vigorous masturbation, and Raj notes that the cowgirl position where the woman is on top tends to be the most common cause. “With the tunica bearing the weight of a human being, a bend becomes downright inevitable and break is sickeningly possible,” he says. “Either avoid this position, or be very careful.”

This article was first published on Men’s Health US.

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