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Find Your Partner The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift With This Guide

Roses and chocolates are such a cliché. This year, take things up a notch by finding your partner a gift that does more than tick a box with our Valentine’s Day gift guide.

Valentine’s Day is a time of love and intimacy. But it’s also a time of immense pressure. Some people might see Valentine’s Day as just another date on the calendar. For many others, it’s an opportunity for lovers to demonstrate their affection to one another. Meaning that if your gift isn’t up to scratch, Valentine’s Day can be a nightmare.

What if your gift misses the mark? Well, Valentine’s gift-giving is a yearly challenge, but it doesn’t need to be. To alleviate some pressure and take the weight off your shoulder’s, we’ve rounded up some of the best products on the market that will satisfy every partner, from the pickiest to the easiest to please.

Don’t let this year’s Valentine’s gift leave you in the doghouse. These are our picks of the best Valentine’s gifts that are certain the get you in your partner’s good books.

We-Vibe Sync 2 – $219

We-Vibe’s freshly released Sync 2 sex toy is sure to bring lovers closer together this Valentine’s Day. The Sync 2 enables simultaneous pleasure through innovative dual stimulation arms. The adjustable and flexible arms mean that no one gets left out. In a testament to the Sync 2’s advanced tech, it can also be used remotely via an app, bridging the gap between couples who can’t be together on the special day.


Nanoleaf Essentials Lightstrip – $99.99

Set the mood and create the perfect Valentine’s date with Nanoleaf’s essentials Lightstrip. The LED lightstrip allows you to create dynamic lighting for a range of occasions. With a sleek design and easy Bluetooth connectivity, Nanoleaf is perfect for date night, Netflix and chill or an evening of intimate under-the-sheets activities.


Ovira Period Pain Relief Device – $189

For the guys out there, Ovira’s period pain relief device is a sure-fire winner. Because nothing says I love you more than easing your loved one’s pain. Ovira provides fast-acting period pain relief without the use of harmful drugs through this discreet wearable device. The device sends electrical pulses through two pads, overloading nerves and preventing pain signals from travelling to the brain. The result is simple, pain-free relief.


Lumin Classic Maintenance Set – $77.40

The ideal gift for a low-maintenance man that values skin care. Lumin’s classic maintenance set is exactly that – a classic. The set is the best men’s skin care has to offer to achieve vibrant and lively skin with minimal effort. With a simple anti-aging routine created by industry experts, the classic set prevents breakouts, fade’s acne scars and will have your skin looking healthier than ever before with a critical balance of hydration, cleansing, and exfoliation.


Arms Of Eve Personalised Necklace Stack – $100

Personalisation is the key to selecting the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Adding a personal touch can be the difference between an intimate display of affection and looking like you grabbed the first thing you saw in the store. A personalised necklace from Arms Of Eve is the perfect blend of subtle personalisation and innate beauty. With an initial necklace paired with a Valencia Chain, this necklace stack provides the added touch of love you need to get your gift over the line.


Meridian Complete Package Shaving Kit – $120.60

You might be thinking ‘what’s so romantic about a grooming kit?’ Well, a great shaving package is a deeply personal gift and one your partner will thank you for. The complete package from Meridian is the ultimate grooming set. Delivering all the essentials for top to bottom grooming and maintenance. Get the most out of your grooming without the nagging nicks and cuts with smooth shaving from above the shoulders to below the belt.


Amour 3D Heart Crossbody – $739

Nothing represents love like a heart. Say ‘je t’aime’ with the amour heart crossbody from Kate Spade. The lambskin leather crossbody is adorned with chic chain link accents and was made to be the ideal Valentine’s Day gift. Certain to send a clear message of love, giving this gift will definitely result in some affection.


Arcwave Pow – $114.95

Give the gift of intense pleasure with the Arcwave Pow. The Pow is a male sex toy loaded with pleasure-inducing textures and designs. With suction control, multiple entrances to choose from and intuitive silicone design that tightens during use, the Arcwave Pow delivers powerful orgasms during a solo session or partnered experience. 100% waterproof with no batteries required, the Pow is the ultimate Valentine’s gift to suitably satisfy your partner.


Omnilux LED mask – $590

Pamper your partner with a LED light therapy mask: established as an anti-aging and skin-care therapy treatment, these devices devices are used by dermatologists because of their ability to promote skin recovery and healing. And you can both get in on the action.


By Cayle Reid

Cayle Reid is a fan of everything sports and fitness. He spends his free time at the gym, on his surfboard or staying up late watching sports in incompatible time zones.

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