Discover The Best EOFY Fitness Bargains

The best EOFY fitness bargains

From equipment to accessories, we've listed the best 'EOFY' deals for you to grab before they vanish into the fiscal abyss.

BEHOLD, THE GRAND FINALE of the financial year, a time of reckoning and opportunity alike. While it can involve navigating through a labyrinth of expenses and cash matters, the end of financial year (EOFY) can also herald a treasure trove of discounted delights waiting to be seized. From pre and post-workout supplements to stylish winter apparel and essential home gym equipment, this season serves so many of your fitness goodies on a platter, all wrapped with the golden ‘sale’ seal. Read on to discover some of the best EOFY fitness bargains on offer.

What are EOFY sales? 

Companies love throwing EOFY sales for a bunch of reasons. First off, it’s a smart move to clear out all that extra stock taking up space in their warehouses. Plus, it helps them hit their sales targets and rake in some extra cash before closing the books for the year. By slashing prices and running special promos, they reel in more customers and boost their market presence. And let’s be real, who doesn’t love snagging a deal?

These sales events give you a chance to score some sweet bargains and feel a little smug that your bank account isn’t copping that full-price workout like it does during the rest of the year when splurging on fitness products. So, whether it’s clearing out old inventory, hitting sales targets, or just giving shoppers a reason to smile, EOFY sales are a win-win for everyone involved.

Assault Fitness AssaultBike

Let’s face it, winter isn’t many people’s favourite time to cut loose in the gym. It’s cold and by the time you clock off it’s dark. But there’s an old saying: ‘summer bodies are made in winter’. Constructing a makeshift home gym with the right equipment can keep you on your grind while avoiding winter chills. The AssaultBike Classic is the best fan-powered bike available today, and a sure fire way to sculpt that summer rig. Designed by athletes for athletes, this incredible machine automatically ramps up resistance as you pedal and push harder, delivering a full-body, full-on cardio workout, unlike anything you’ve experienced before. 


Revel 3-person Infrared Home Sauna

Forget the actual process of lifting, recovery has almost become the most important component in any serious lifter’s fitness regimen. The Revel 3-Person Infrared Sauna features full spectrum infrared technology and adjustable chromotherapy lighting. Ideal for couples, it aids in muscle soreness relief, detoxification, and stress reduction. Crafted from solid New Zealand Pine and 8mm fully-tempered glass, this spacious sauna enhances your home gym, providing convenient access to the benefits of infrared therapy.


Horizon Adventure 1 Treadmill

Running has to be the ultimate fitness takeover in Australia. Indeed, gone are the days of ‘how much do you lift?‘ It’s now all about run clubs, Strava and half marathon PBs. Trust us, flexing a rock solid running game is impressive, so adopt that energy by grabbing a Horizon Adventure 1 treadmill. Offering unmatched convenience, its foldable frame allows easy storage between workouts. Its dual water-bottle holder enables hydration without interrupting your stride, catering to walkers and runners alike.


Gold Standard 100% Whey 

Protein is an all-year-round purchase and once you lock down your favourite flavour, you’ll find protein can be a sweet post-workout treat. Stock up this end of financial year with Gold Standard 100% Whey premium protein. A supplement renowned for its quality and effectiveness, featuring a blend of whey protein isolates, concentrates, and peptides, it delivers 24 grams of protein per serving to support muscle growth and recovery. With minimal fat, lactose, and other additives, it’s a clean and easily digestible option for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. 


Pre Load Pre Workout

Like the protein powder above, pre-workout is a year-round necessity but perhaps more so than during winter months when you need a little extra drive to rip through those late night training sessions. Get your hands on one of the best and most popular pre workouts this end of financial year, Pre Load pre workout is a dynamic supplement designed to maximise workout performance. Formulated with a potent blend of energy-boosting ingredients such as caffeine, beta-alanine, and citrulline malate, it enhances focus, endurance, and strength. By increasing blood flow and oxygen delivery to muscles, it reduces fatigue and promotes optimal muscle function during intense training sessions. With zero sugar and artificial fillers, it offers clean energy without the crash. 


Men’s Trailhead 2L Insulated Rain Jacket

Winter in Australia isn’t a joke, and being prepared with the right attire is critical. Confronting harsh weather conditions like driving winds, heavy rain, and cold temperatures demands reliable protection. Introducing the Men’s Trailhead 2L Insulated Rain Jacket, a winter wonder designed to tackle the crisp Aussie outdoors. Its fully-taped ngx 2-layer shell repels rain effectively, while the nova insulation ensures cosy warmth retention. The breathable fabric enhances comfort during hikes, making it an essential companion for unpredictable weather. When the winter weather isn’t cooperating, this guy has got you covered. 


Men’s Versa Velour Nuptse Jacket

We couldn’t leave another EOFY style gem in the dark now, could we? Drawing inspiration from the iconic 1992 Retro Nuptse Jacket, this Men’s Versa Velour Nuptse embodies a blend of vintage aesthetics and modern functionality. Its soft fleecy outer shell complements the signature oversized down baffles, filled with 600-fill recycled down insulation for superior warmth. Featuring a relaxed fit with a boxy silhouette, it offers the everyday bloke a touch of comfort and style. Water repellent, it’s also practical; see the stand collar, secure-zip pockets, and internal drawcord at the hem, which ensures versatility and adjustability. With embroidered logos adding a touch of authenticity, this jacket seamlessly merges retro charm with contemporary performance for urban adventures and should be in your sights this EOFY sale.


Asics GEL Kayano 30 Mens Running Shoes

With 30 years of innovation behind it, the Asics GEL Kayano 30 men’s running shoes represent a pinnacle in design and performance. The new midsole sculpting introduces a bold aesthetic, combining softer PureGEL with the stylishly crafted eco midsole for enhanced comfort and support. With a 4mm higher stack height, runners experience a cloud-like sensation with every step. Need more of a reason to snag these sneakers this EOFY? How about the fact these shoes are equipped with 4D Guidance technology, guiding each stride into a smoother, more stable motion. Engineered Stretch knit in the upper provides a comfortable, breathable fit, blending stretch and support seamlessly. 


Bose QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds

Rounding out our EOFY hit list, we couldn’t go past the most crucial piece of kit in your fitness drip: killer buds. These cutting-edge earbuds redefine the audio landscape with world-class noise-cancelling technology, ensuring an immersive listening experience free from distractions. The sleek and lightweight design offers all-day comfort, while the secure fit keeps the earbuds in place during even the most vigorous workouts. With intuitive touch controls and seamless connectivity, managing calls and music playback is effortless. The long-lasting battery provides hours of uninterrupted listening, making these earbuds the perfect companion for travel, work, or gym sessions. 



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