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Want More Money & More Sex? Yep, Same. Here’s How To Get Both

Are you on the hunt to beef up your bank account and increase your sexual activity at the same time? Of course you are, you’re only human (you clicked on this article)! So without delaying the answer any further, lets cut to the chase. A new study out of the US has identified that working out regularly leads to both. Is a win-win-win… more sex, more money, and a better rig (not to mention the health benefits that come along with that).

The study, conducted on behalf of fitness app Freeletics, surveyed over 2000 Americans, half of whom worked out regularly, about their daily lives and habits.

Their findings uncovered some interesting trends. Apparently fitness fanatics earned an average of $25,000 more per year than their couch potato counterparts, with those regularly participating in high intensity workouts earning up to $35000 more on average.

“The survey findings are a strong indicator that people now feel the holistic effects that fitness can have on their lives and not just their bodies,” says Daniel Sobhani, Freeletics CEO. “It goes a long way beyond perfect abs and gym selfies – fitness has the power to unleash people’s true potential and help them in all aspects of life, giving them the confidence and willpower to achieve what they’ve always wanted to and to get more out of life.”

And that confidence is also translating to the bedroom. The frequent trainers were 20 per cent more likely to have regular sex than the inactive group – meaning sex more than once a week.

Shockingly, one in four of the inactive group suggested that they never had sex, while only one in twenty of the fitness addicts made the same admission.

“If we look more closely at the mental effects that fitness has, we can even see that those who exercise regularly were also more likely to rate their own happiness level a 10 out of 10 than those who don’t exercise. This truly underlines the fact that the positive effects of exercise go far beyond the purely physical aspects many focus on,” says Sobhani.

We can’t say we’re surprised. With more money and more sex, happiness is bound to be another side effect of working out. Be right back… going to the gym.

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