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Happy Hour Without the Hangover? Head This Way

Your favourite bevvies that won’t mess with your workout or wellbeing.

Trying to strike the perfect balance between your healthy lifestyle and social activities might prove challenging. Who likes standing at the bar or BBQ with a water or lemon lime bitters? And nobody likes wasting weekends with hangovers. 

However, a new range of ready to drink non-alcoholic cocktails from local business NAKED LIFE makes it easier to celebrate the way you choose, and step back from the booze without feeling like you’re missing out. 

Australia’s largest range of award-winning, non-alcoholic ready-to-drink cocktails and amber drinks, NAKED LIFE is all about complex flavours, crafted with distilled botanicals for an authentic taste experience.  

The range of 11 includes timeless cocktails like the juniper-packed G&T, bittersweet Negroni Spritz and salty Margarita through to the unique amber spirit blends of Canadian Rye with Dry and Lime, a smooth American Malt and Cola and classic spiced Caribbean Cane and Dry.

Available in 250mL 4-packs, ready-to-drink, designed so you can flick the mixing and get on with enjoying your next alfresco gathering. And with each drink clocking in at just under eight calories you don’t need to worry about counting drinks or calories.

What makes it so good? 

Each flavour has been expertly crafted with carefully curated distilled botanicals to add depth and unique flavour with unmistakable complexity.  The age-old process of distillation harnesses the power of steam, so NAKED LIFE botanicals are gently heated until the aromatic vapours are captured in an intensely fragrant liquid. 

By using these premium ingredients and delicate processes, NAKED LIFE  transforms these natural extracts and unique flavours into classic cocktails and amber drinks that deliver the unmistakable taste of the drinks you already love.  The process not only delivers a liquid without the alcohol but without the empty sugar, high calories and artificial flavours too. Everything you need, nothing you don’t. 

So if you’re one of the thousands of Australians curious about reducing your alcohol but not your social moments, are ‘sober curious’ or simply wanting to avoid the impacts from your alcohol and sugar, begin redefining your moments with NAKED LIFE. 

The full range of 11 NAKED LIFE flavours is available at Woolworths or online, www.nakedspirits.com.au 

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