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Harley-Davidson’s ‘Free Rider’ YouTube Series Delivers The Ultimate Dose Of Motorcycle Action 

Fronted by actor, model and Harley-Davidson enthusiast, David Genat, the weekly series will grant audiences a rare insight into motorcycle culture, with epic rides and celebrity guest appearances.

Few moments in life can compare to the experience of riding your first motorcycle. From the roar of the engine that signifies your presence long before you’ve arrived, to the feel of the bike on the road, that first ride is one that seems to lodge in your memory forever. Of course, it helps if the bike in question was a Harley-Davidson, a motorcycle so iconic, you need only see the badge to feel a sense of pride. It’s something actor and model, David Genat, knows all too well, having come to label himself as a self-confessed Harley-Davidson enthusiast. To peruse Genat’s socials is to find yourself feeling a sudden urge to get back on the motorcycle and hit the open streets and now, Harley-Davidson is unleashing a new series that will see you embracing the adventure of the open road. 

For those unfamiliar with the iconic Harley-Davidson brand, since 1903 it has continued to define motorcycle culture through its distinctive and customisable motorcycles that become something far more than a means of transportation – these are the vehicles that form the foundation of a lifestyle. Alongside the bikes themselves, Harley-Davidson provides motorcycle accessories, riding gear and apparel to elevate one’s experience on a motorcycle and it’s hoped that the new series will encourage others to get involved in the motorcycle community. 

Aptly titled Free Rider, the YouTube series will see Genat on hosting duties, delivering weekly episodes that shine a spotlight on the motorcycle community and the people who make it such a lively one. You can expect epic rides, celebrity guest rides and interviews, as well as an insight into how Genat crafted his very own Road Glide Special, with behind-the-scenes access into the customisation process. 

Speaking about his involvement in the series, Genat said: “I’m absolutely stoked to be a part of Harley-Davidson’s Free Rider YouTube series to connect with the motorcycle community. He added, “I’ve been a die-hard Harley-Davidson fan for years and have always felt included and connected to the community through our mutual love of riding, so I can’t wait to get more people riding, loving their bikes and sharing Harley-Davidson experiences.” 

From 1 July through to 1 September, Harley-Davidson will release a new episode weekly, with a behind-the-scenes look into motorcycle customisation and stunning rides. You can even expect an incredible ride through the west, featuring an epic Margaret River adventure and interviews with guests including the likes of Locky Gilbert, Danielle Cormack, Axle Whitehead and Luke Toki. 

As Nigel Keough, Harley-Davidson’s ANZ Managing Director, said of the new series, “The Free Rider series is for anyone that has an interest in motorcycling and showcases Harley-Davidson products and customisation in an easy to digest format. Joining forces with David Genat was an obvious choice to lightheartedly convey that genuine sense of adventure, passion and community that exists within our brand.”

To find out more and subscribe to the new series, head to Harley-Davidson’s official YouTube channel or head to the website for the latest Free Rider episodes. 

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