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Here’s How Mark Wahlberg Returned To His Six-Pack Shredded Self

After gaining weight for his role in the upcoming Father Stu, Wahlberg wasted no time getting back into shape.

For some actors, the allure of weight gain or loss for a film tends to set pulses racing. Aside from being a daunting and often gruelling task, such transformations – when pulled off well – have been known to excited Hollywood’s critics. From Christian Bale’s numerous roles, to the transformations of Matthew McConaughey for Dallas Buyers Club and Tom Hanks in Philadelphia, many have come with an Oscar winning nomination. But when the production finishes and the spotlight fades, losing the weight gained or returning to the state an actor was prior to filming can become a difficult task. Not surprisingly, many are prone to a blow out or two. But Mark Wahlberg isn’t such an actor. Known for his gym-honed physique that remains impossibly fit year-in and year-out, Wahlberg proved that his transformations don’t last beyond filming and after impressive weight gain, the actor is already back to his shredded self. 

Though he’s known for his gruelling gym workouts, Wahlberg shocked some fans when he shared images of himself sporting a rather big gut. Thankfully, this wasn’t a moment of weakness for the star but rather efforts to gain weight for his upcoming film, Father Stu. Of course, Wahlberg’s dedication in the gym was channeled to his weight gain, and he exceeded all expectation. It was largely thanks to a staggering diet that saw him consume 11,000 calories a day at his peak in May. 

In an interview on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Wahlberg explained: “Unfortunately, I had to consume, for two weeks, 7,000 calories, and then for another two weeks, 11,000 calories. And it was fun for about an hour.” He added, “It’s such a hard, physical thing to do. Losing weight, you just kind of tough it out – you just don’t eat, and exercise. And this, even when you’re full, I would wake up after a meal and have another meal. I was eating every three hours. It was not fun.”

But if you thought it would be some time before you saw Wahlberg posting shirtless gym selfies, think again. The actor has wasted no time in getting back into his best shape, and now just a few months post-filming, he’s already rocking a six-pack which is pretty remarkable. In a workout video posted to Instagram, Wahlberg showed off some hanging leg raises, with the actor lifting both his legs in a standard position and to the right and left side, working his oblique muscles. It’s a punishing move, and you can really see how much it targets his core as the actor keeps his shoulders engaged and legs forward in a hanging hollow hold position throughout the entire round. 

If anyone is serving us some workout motivation to keep pursuing those fitness goals even in lockdown, it’s Wahlberg. Excuse us while we use lockdown for some ab-smashing exercises in the hope of emerging with a six-pack that could rival the Hollywood star. 

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