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Here’s How The Mountain Creates His Protein-Packed Pancakes 

He’s made the transition from world-class strongman to boxer, and now Hafthor Bjornsson is sharing the fuel he consumes to continue performing at his best.

The physical transformation of Hafthor Bjornsson – otherwise known as The Mountain – has been nothing short of extraordinary. Despite previously recording a 10,000-calorie day when training as a world-class strongman, which saw him consume a plate of six eggs and French Toast just for breakfast, today the Bjornsson we see before us is impossibly more ripped and lean, thanks in no part to his switch to boxing which has seen him revamp his training and diet routine. 

Bjornsson has long been open about his lifestyle change and incredible 50kg weight loss. Regularly posting to his social media channels, he’s shared the strict diet he went on in preparation for the big boxing match, which featured a lot of eggs, plain chicken breast, smoothies and oats. Now that he’s looking to maintain his impressive physique while still training at an intense level, Bjornsson is doubling down on his protein and there’s one breakfast meal that’s his all-time go-to: banana pancakes. 

Considered one of his “all-time favourite” meals, Bjornsson says “these are super easy to make, and [require] super simple ingredients.” In a video, he shares how to make his delicious breakfast recipe that will be sure to power you through any kind of training. Here’s what you’ll need to make them.


  • eggs
  • bananas
  • flax seeds
  • chia seeds
  • hemp seeds
  • cinnamon
  • oats
  • whey protein powder

Making enough for two servings, Bjornsson starts by blending two bananas into a puree. As he explains, “usually I like the browner ones more, because they’re easier to digest, higher in fibre and also have more of a sweeter taste.” He then proceeds to beat seven eggs and mixes them with the banana, then adds one and a half tablespoons each of ground flax, chia and hemp seeds. Next, he adds 60 grams of oats, 2 scoops of vanilla flavoured protein powder, and sprinkles cinnamon into the mixture. 

After greasing a frying pan with butter and heating it, Bjornsson spoons the batter onto the surface. He’s pretty quick to flip them as they don’t take long to cook. The pancakes he prefers are quite thick, so he suggests that if you like your pancakes thinner, as a sort of crepe-like variety, consider adding more eggs to the batter. 

And as Bjornsson adds, “They actually taste even better the next day.”

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