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Here’s The Full-Body Medicine Ball Workout That Keeps Chris Hemsworth Jacked

With just one piece of equipment, Hemsworth orchestrates a gruelling workout that focuses on building strength and explosiveness.

By Philip Ellis

Chris Hemsworth regularly shares inside looks at the intense training regimen that he and his trainer Luke Zocchi have used to sculpt his muscular physique for the newest Thor and Extraction movies. However, lately he has also been posting more accessible workouts from his fitness app Centr for his fans that involve no weights or machines, including a couple of low-impact bodyweight routines.

The Australian actor has just shared another Centr workout in a short training video on Instagram, demonstrating five exercises which focus on building explosiveness and strength using just one piece of equipment: a medicine ball.

Hemsworth starts out with a set of wall slams (5 reps from the left side, 5 from the right), 5 ball slams, then 5 front squats to work the lower body. He follows this with a alternating pushups, doing 5 on each side. Finally he finishes off the workout by targeting the core with 5 situps, lifting the ball into the air with each rep, and seated Russian twists, hitting each side 5 times. The workout is then repeated a total of 4 times, with a 2-minute rest period in between each round.

Using a relatively light 6-or-8-pound ball, this routine should be manageable for any fitness level. Once you’ve got to grips with the workout, don’t worry about adding weight with a heavier ball: you can add difficulty and get even more out of those wall slams by throwing the ball even harder. When it comes to training with med balls, it’s the intensity rather than the load that counts.

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