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How Can I Land A Date Without Weeks Of Texting?

We ask the office girls.

Ask the MH girls the questions you can’t ask anyone else. They’re three women who speak their mind, so don’t expect sugar-coated answers. Today they’re asked:“I’m confident on dates, but I hate texting and have terrible chat. With online dating, girls seem to expect good banter before meeting. How can I land a date without weeks of texting?” – TT

Jess: I think the best thing you can do when online dating is to arrange a date sooner rather than later and avoid falling into the trap of weeks and weeks of texting. For me, it feels awkward when
a date is so long in coming that the first time you meet in person you have this backlog of communication that creates the illusion of a connection.

Nik: I’d also just be honest and say, “I’m not the best at texting so would love to meet up soon . . .”

Becky: Personally, I think good chat is important pre-date. It kinda freaks me out when someone wants to meet up ASAP. TT, could you phone a friend to help you out with some good chat? 

Nik: Ah, a modern-day Cyrano.

Becky: And then, agreed, shoot for sooner, but I think at least a day or two of banter is important.

Jess: Sure, even a few days, but not a month!

Becky: No way. No one wants a pen pal.

Nik: Hey, TT, maybe your banter isn’t as lame as you think.

Jess: And you could suggest a call: Hey, it would be great to hear your voice – how about hopping on a call? A call will be more revealing of them and your chances of connecting.

Becky: I think if the other person is serious about meeting up, then they won’t want weeks of texting either.

Nik: And they’ll know they’re not being catfished, lol. But I am so awkward with phone calls with people I haven’t met. 

Becky: Same. But, hey, some people love them. Save yourself some time and move things along without trying to spook anyone. 

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