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How This Guy Transformed His Six Pack In Six Weeks

"This has been a gruelling six weeks for me" - by Lauren Williamson

From Ryan Reynolds to the bloke on the build board advertising supplements – we’re well aware of what a set of rock hard abs looks like. But what is the reality of an average joe actually attaining them? Well, enter said average Joe, Brendan Jones, who runs the YouTube channel Goal Guys with his brother Cam. 

After getting a little out of shape, Brendan decided to kick start his fitness and work towards a six pack in just six weeks.


In addition to three weight training sessions per week, Brendan added three workouts devoted to core strength. He started out just using bodyweight to avoid injury before adding more weights into his routine.

He also committed to 30 minutes of cardio every day, with no exceptions.

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The old adage that abs are made in the kitchen is more evident than ever through out Brendan’s transformation.

“If there is one thing I’ve learned doing this challenge, it is that diet, diet, diet is the absolute most important part of any muscle building regimen,” he says.

In order to burn fat at the same time as building muscle, this is the diet he adopted for the six weeks:

  • Breakfast: Five boiled egg whites with oatmeal and apples (or plain Greek yogurt and banana on lighter days)
  • Lunch: Two chicken breasts with broccoli and assorted vegetables
  • Snack: A small bowl of lentil soup
  • Dinner: Two ground turkey burgers with spinach and broccoli

However, by week two Brendan figures out he’s not not eating enough calories and is losing weight faster than he is able to build muscle. Aside from adding a daily burrito, Brendan also includes extra sweet potato and brown rice to his diet. 

By the end of the six weeks, he lost three kilograms and shaved almost a full inch off his waistline, with visible increased definition in his abdominals.

“Your abs are just so strong that you have to push them to the point of absolute exhaustion every workout if you want to see real progress, so this has been a gruelling six weeks for me,” he says, “But I’m so glad I’ve gotten through it, I’m really happy with my progress, and this time I’m going to work so much harder not to lose the gains I’ve made.”

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