Everything Coming To Streaming Services In July

What to stream in July 2024: Netflix, Disney+, Stan, Amazon Prime and more

Why bother wasting time scrolling through each streaming platform when you can just have us select the month's viewing highlights for you?

WITH TEMPERATURES PLUMETING, there has never been a better time to rug up, plant yourself on your couch and find a new series to sink your teeth into. There’s no way around it, winter is the season of the binge watch. The great outdoors are becoming less hospitable while TV screens are looking even more enticing – and who are we to resist the charms of the golden age of streaming?

Streaming platforms are due for a big month this July. There’ll be something for everyone, with Vikings: Valhalla, Cobra Kai and The Twelve all returning for new seasons, as well as a number of new films and series making their debuts. The vast swaths of new content don’t make it easy for you though. The big hitters like Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime are so packed with content that they make it difficult to discern what’s worth your time and what’s best left on the backburner – especially when you’re prone to indecision and are paying for the luxury of choice with subscriptions to multiple platforms.

Not to worry though, Men’s Health has you covered. To help you avoid being paralysed with indecision, we’ve rounded up all the very best films and shows coming to streaming platforms in July 2024.

What’s new on Netflix in July?



What to stream in June: Netflix, Disney+, Stan, Amazon Prime + more

Baby Reindeer and the lure of the binge-watch

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