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PSA: Kate Upton Stars In New Swimwear Campaign

Sports Illustrated model, actress, and girl-we’d-happily-take-home-to-mum Kate Upton has made an incredible comeback to modeling. Although, did she ever really leave?

Starring in the new campaign for swimwear label Yamamay, Kate is back where she obviously feels most comfortable, on the beach and in front of the camera.

Kate is one healthy woman, sharing her aspirational lifestyle with professional baseballer husband Justin Verlander. The pair clearly keep on top of their health and fitness, essential to both of their careers.

Upton has proved a strong voice of late, with the 25 year-old lending her voice to the #metoo movement. Recently, Kate was instrumental in sharing her story about alleged intimidation from Guess Co-Founder, Paul Marciano. “I’m not going to let him intimidate me anymore,” Upton detailed to Time Magazine earlier this year.

Always happy to share her secrets, Upton has also shared the workout routine that keeps her in supermodel shape. Cable squats form a solid part of her home workout, under the watchful eye of her dog, Harley, of course! 

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