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The Smart Way to Kickstart – and Achieve – a Rapid Weight Loss Goal

This tasty and nutritious full meal replacement can help you lose weight, stat.

The past 18 months – or even more – have been overwhelming for most of us. Lockdowns have caused immense stress as we lost control of our daily routines, were distanced from family members and missed out on those all-important unwind and recharge holidays. Given the overwhelming impact of these unprecedented times, it’s little wonder the majority of us lost track of our health goals along the way.  

Being in lockdown prohibited us from doing our daily health routines – from having the usual walks in the office hallways or going to the gym, HIIT studio or yoga – so it comes as no surprise that 1 out of 3 Aussies have gained weight.* Lockdown has truly impacted our overall health and well-being.

But with restrictions possibly easing soon, now is the time to take control of our health and weight again. This will be a whole lot easier thanks to a new range of healthy and nutritionally complete shakes, bars and soups from BioSlim Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD). They’ll help you navigate a winning weight loss journey under the supervision of a healthcare professional, with tasty, high-protein, high-calcium meal replacements on offer. 

BioSlim VLCD is formulated for people looking to lose weight. Each serve of BioSlim VLCD can be taken to replace a full meal either 3 times, 2 times or 1 time per day. You have the flexibility to be in control of your weight loss journey depending on your weight loss goals. Combined with mild exercise, BioSlim VLCD can assist in the overall weight loss journey. 

Each convenient and easy-to-prep BioSlim VLCD product contains up to 25 vitamins and minerals essential for good health, formulated to meet your recommended dietary intake (RDI), when used three serves a day.

Its no-fuss shakes use an award-winning and patented ingredient SlimBiome, which was developed in collaboration with leading UK specialists in metabolism and nutrition – Professor Jason Halford and Professor Bob Rastall – and trialled by leading UK universities, the  University of Liverpool and the University of Reading.

So how does this rapid weight loss actually work?

A VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) is formulated to be a nutritionally complete, liquid or solid meal containing 3350kJ (800 calories) or less per day, when used three serves per day. VLCD formulas contain appropriate levels of macro and micronutrients to ensure you meet daily nutritional requirements.

What’s on offer

BioSlim VLCD offers a choice of mouth-watering shakes in chocolate, vanilla, espresso, banana and salted caramel, or try all five in a convenient variety box; beef and creamy chicken soup; plus cookies and cream, choc berry crunch and caramel crunch bars. 

BioSlim VLCD is available exclusively in community pharmacies nationally and it’s recommended to consult a healthcare professional before starting on a very low calorie diet.

If losing weight is your wellness goal, then BioSlim VLCD can help get you there, head to ​​ 

* based on the latest Ipsos survey, undertaken in October and November 2020.

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