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Meet The Man Who Has Dedicated His Life To Becoming Vin Diesel

It seems no goal is too lofty, no ambition too high, particularly for Arthit Duangsri who has devoted his life to maintaining the kind of physique and grooming regime required to be told he looks like his idol, Vin Diesel.

For many, when it comes to the poster-child of Cool, it would be remiss to look past Vin Diesel. He may not be Hollywood’s most acclaimed actor, but when it comes to delivering action-packed blockbusters that thrive on high-adrenaline, epic fight sequences and the kind of choreography that only the best stuntmen can produce, Vin Diesel is the man who does it all. His is a name, after all, that has come to be synonymous with the Fast and The Furious franchise, which continues to amass global audiences with each new release. 

While we each harbour our own adoration for Diesel that varies in intensity for each individual, one man may just stake claim as Diesel’s biggest fan. For Arthit Duangsri, otherwise known as ‘The Thai Vin Diesel,’ his is a life that has been devoted to becoming Diesel. The 38-year-old Duangsri used to be a dancer for a band but struggled to find a look that worked for him. 

After suspecting that his long hair wasn’t doing him any favours, nor allowing him to feel most like himself, Duangsri decided to make the chop after hearing someone tell him that he looked like the movie star when he tied his hair up. Already a huge fan of the Fast and Furious actor, Duangsri went ahead and shaved his head and face in the hopes of becoming a Vin Diesel look alike. 

But while it’s not that big a challenge to simply shave your head, getting the body of an action star is where the challenge really starts and for Duangsri, committing to a fitness routine was difficult. According to the Thai Diesel fan, it required ‘years of sweat and tears’ as he transformed his body, switching to a high protein diet to maintain his muscular body. 

The point of this transformation? Well, there isn’t one really. But Duangsri loves his new look and now hopes he’ll one day be able to meet the man who steered him on his course, the action star that he’s come to grow so fond of in recent years. In the meantime, those Duangsri sees in public are supportive of his transformation, and many are happy to take a photo with him and express their support. One commented that he was “doing what he loves and made it,” while another added, “Who the fuck am I to judge someone for something making them happy.”

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