Panasonic Multishape Is The Pinnacle Of Versatility

Panasonic’s Multishape modular personal care system is the pinnacle of versatility

No matter how multifaceted or one-dimensional your personal care routine is, Panasonic’s Multishape has what you need

THE MODERN MAN’S personal grooming routine requires an unprecedented number of appliances. Gone are the days when a trusty toothbrush and plucky razor were all that was needed to maintain personal care. Now, men need more variety to meet their needs, which usually means devoting extra shelf space to blockish hygiene products that only serve a single, simple purpose – not to mention the drastic impact they can have on your wallet.

Thankfully, there is an alternative to living in this expensive, space-consuming dystopia, and Panasonic is providing it. Panasonic’s Multishape is a modular personal care system that essentially acts as an all-in-one hub for your hygiene. With five detachable heads that can be used interchangeably on a single rechargeable battery handle, Multishape allows you to switch your look, rather than your device.

Sustainable adaptability is at the core of the Multishape. Why fork out for five different appliances when you can get the same results with one? Whether you’re after hair shaving, trimming, tidying, or even clean teeth, Multishape has it all in one sleek package.


Panasonic Multishape


In its base package, the Multishape comes with a Panasonic beard/hair/body precision trimmer. The four other attachments available for purchase are a beard/hair trimmer, 3-blade shaver, nose/ear/facial trimmer, and last but certainly not least, an electric toothbrush head, rounding out this all-encompassing personal care system.

While all of these attachments are available for purchase, you don’t need to buy all of them. The Multishape allows you to pick and choose the tools you need as your personal style evolves. If you go from a beard/hair trimmer kind of guy to a 3-blade shaver man, the Multishape can accommodate that shift.

Let’s not forget what is perhaps the Multishape’s biggest drawcard. With such immense adaptability in a compact, rechargeable frame, the Multishape is the ideal travel companion. No more cramming every personal care appliance you own into your already overfilled luggage, the Multishape covers all bases – and saves you precious space.

The next evolution in men’s grooming is here. Panasonic Multishape is available now at Shaver Shop, starting from $299.


Panasonic Multishape



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