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People Are Revealing The Movies That Saw Them Walk Out Of A Cinema

And some of the answers might surprise you.

These days, it’s safe to say that most of us choose to watch a flick in the comfort of our own homes. And for good reason: with a stocked fridge at our disposal, we’re free to raid it at any time we see fit and even once the snack of choice has been procured, there’s no need for public courtesy when it comes to unwrapping and chewing loudly. Then there’s the fact we can get up and use the bathroom whenever we see fit without missing a crucial part of the film, and we don’t have to have the evening ruined by members of the public who find it fitting to clap after each movie trailer, or who howl loudly with laughter at parts of a film that really don’t warrant such displays of amusement. 

Yep, the home cinema seems to reign supreme in 2022. But as we’ve seen with the likes of Top Gun: Maverick and other blockbusters of late, there’s still something to be said about the cinematic experience that is going out, selecting a seat in the theatre, and being held hostage to its screening time and run length. Whatever qualms you might hold towards the cinema, you need only get a waft of that buttery popcorn scent that clings to the upholstery to suddenly feel a certain affinity for the place. 

Now, in what’s become something of a rather hilarious online read, people are sharing the movies that saw them walk out of a cinema. Stephen King took to Twitter to reveal that the only movie he’s walked out of (as an adult) is Transformers. Posing the question to his countless followers, he wanted to know what movies others had walked out of. For some of us, the very thought is an audacious one. After all, we’ve ended up paying money for this movie, you can guarantee we’re going to sit there and finish it through. But like a novel you just can’t get through, sometimes a film just proves so bad or uninteresting that you don’t want to see your precious time wasted following it through.

One person commented that they walked out of Red Sparrow, saying: “I thought it was gonna be a cool story about a girl becoming a spy, and instead, people are being very graphically sexually assaulted.”

Another added that they walked out of Magnolia. “My friend and I were just confused and settled by the whole thing. I keep thinking I should give it another shot, but part of me thinks it’s better left alone.”

One added, What Women Want starring Mel Gibson. “It’s the only movie I have ever walked out of the cinema part way through. It started off quite funny and then turned into this snooze fest romantic pile of blurgh. Looked at my fella, and he looked just as bored, so we left.”

And, despite all its accolades and all-star cast, one even said they walked out of La La Land. “My friend and I walked out of it. I know it got a bunch of praise, but oh my god was it boooooring. We tried for what felt like a long time, and when we looked at each other, we both were like, ‘Do you wanna leave, too?’” 

In tough news for Sacha Baron Cohen, one person said their husband walked out of Borat. “My husband will pretty much watch anything, from terrible ‘80s action movies to Oscar-winning documentaries to cheesy rom-coms. He’s chill and easy to please. The only movie he ever walked out on? Borat. He still can’t place exactly why, but he loathes Borat to this day. Likes other Sacha Baron Cohen stuff, too!” 

See the full list of movies people walked out on, here. 

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