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RM Williams Puts A Classic Aussie Touch On Commonwealth Games Squad Uniform

The official ceremonial uniforms for the Australian Commonwealth Games squad will feature the beloved RM Williams Craftsman boot.

To gain selection into the Commonwealth Games squad is no easy feat. Aspiring athletes might dream of such an occasion, but to see it turned into a lived reality is to sacrifice time and energy to the single pursuit of athletic greatness. From the long hours spent training, to the diligence in diet and recovery, athletes know of the unwavering dedication one needs to achieve greatness. But when such an occasion arises, few moments linger in the memory quite like trying on that Aussie uniform for the first time. And now, those who will find themselves competing at the Commonwealth Games are set to be kitted out with RM Williams boots to round out the ensemble. 

Unveiling the new-look uniform for the Commonwealth Games squad at the Admiralty House on Sydney Harbour, it was revealed that the outback outfitter will provide the footwear for those taking to Birmingham in July and August. Previously, boat shoes were part of the uniform, but these were since replaced with the signature Craftsman boot. Designers opted for the boots with green and gold tugs, a selection not only grounded in aesthetic design but also in practicality, as boots were decided to be more favourable for the temperature-challenged Birmingham. 

Head of product development at RM Williams, Scott Faulder, explained to The Sydney Morning Herald, “The last time it was very Gold Coast with shorts and boat shoes. Our brief this time was to elevate the uniform for the international stage and create something that will evoke pride in our athletes. The boat shoes have been replaced by our elastic-sided Craftsman boots and the team is pretty excited. For many young athletes, this is their first pair of RM Williams boots.”

The changes to the uniform were something celebrated by the athletes. Para-swimmer Ellie Cole, a four-time Commonwealth Games athlete, expressed her enthusiasm for the change: “These are certainly my first pair of RM Williams boots. The boat shoes we were offered in the past weren’t great for amputees but the heel on these works, which I’m pretty grateful for. It’s become the talking point with all the athletes pretty excited about getting a pair. They are so iconic within Australia.”

Athletes will also be sporting a uniform of blazers, ties and collared shirts at the Opening Ceremony that’s set to be held on July 28. The blazer lining also features the vivid Unity print first created by queer, mixed race, First Nations artist Jenna Lee for the 2018 uniform, only with an updated design. The printed lining is also present on the Closing Ceremony polo shirts. 

If all that wasn’t enough, quilted vests have also made their way into the team wardrobe, along with sneakers. “We are very proud to say that most of the uniforms are manufactured here in Australia using natural fibres such as cotton and linen blends, which allow greater breathability and movement for the athletes,” says Faulder. “We had to manufacture the sneakers overseas but we wanted to give the athletes a greater choice this time around. When it comes to sustainability you can’t get better than the boots. They will last a lifetime.”

Set to make her Commonwealth Games debut in Birmingham, boxer Tina Rahimi was quick to voice her excitement for the new uniforms and love of the iconic boots beloved by Aussies. “I just love everything about the uniform,” said Rahimi. “Yes, they’re my first pair of RM Williams boots and yes, they’re my favourite part. It’s absolutely stunning.”

By Jessica Campbell

Jess is a storyteller committed to sharing the human stories that lie at the heart of sport.

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