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Rob Lowe Reveals The Workout Advice He Received From Chris Pratt

He’s known for being one of Hollywood’s most enviably-handsome stars, and now Lowe is sharing his secrets on sleep, diet, and why vanity also serves as valid motivation to workout.

Rob Lowe is that rarified Hollywood star: an actor who made his debut on screen at a time where your parents were likely frequenting the cinemas, shooting into the stratosphere of fame reserved for a select few who could not only act, but had the enviable good looks to match, earning the status of Heartthrob. But while he appeals to older audiences and reminds them of the heyday of their youth, Lowe’s recent roles in Parks and Recreation and 9-1-1: Lone Star have acquainted him with a younger audience who, not surprisingly, are just as besotted with his chiselled jawline and complexion. 

It’s hard to believe then, that this is a man aged 57. Lowe seems to be drinking from the elixir that Paul Rudd shares; an ability to age gracefully – if hardly at all. He might have played some of the most iconic roles in movie and TV history, but Lowe also knows a thing or two about wellness. After all, he’s been a spokesman for Atkins’ low-carb diet since his early thirties. In a recent interview with GQ UK, the actor revealed greater insights into his exercise routine and pursuit of wellness, including the importance of sleep. 

While Lowe admits he’s long favoured a low carb, low sugar diet, he also makes sure to get adequate sleep. “It’s brain sleep, it’s body sleep, it’s focus,” he tells the publication. But a surprising revelation made by Lowe is just how his training has changed since entering his 50s. “I’m training in a very different way than I used to. The hardest thing for me has been to train less. I would train every day if I could – and, frankly, kind of punishing myself. If I don’t feel like I’ve just killed myself in the gym, I feel like it’s been wasted time,” he says. 

“Turns out, that’s not true – it’s particularly not true when you’re not in your twenties and thirties anymore. So I’m really focusing on diet, rest, and being smarter and more strategic about the training.”

In a typical day of eating, Lowe admits that sometimes he doesn’t do breakfast, but when he does he eats things like Greek yoghurt with wild berries, or low-carb granola. He’s also a fan of the triple espresso. “I do and can eat that every day for breakfast and am perfectly happy. Then lunch is a giant salad, but it has to have some kind of really yummy protein in it,” explains Lowe. Protein sources he loves are fish, chicken, shrimp, which he eats with healthy fat like avocado. Lowe stresses that the salad is “hearty, yummy, tasty.” For dinner, he eats some kind of meat with sides. And while he has a “radical sweet tooth,” his willpower is strong. 

When it comes to working out, Lowe takes his cues from heart rate. He avoids entering the junk zone where most inevitably end up, looking to keep his heart rate below 65 per cent or above 85 per cent. “I’m either legitimately killing myself or doing something really recuperative. I’ve got a Peloton, and a rower. I love hikes. But for me, it’s the intervals. A circuit of weights, focusing on core, multi-movement, compound exercises with cardio bursts and rest. You can get it all done in 40 minutes. My easy days, it’s a swim, a paddle in the ocean, getting out in nature,” says Lowe. 

He’s also an advocate for walks, something he admits Chris Pratt also got him onto when they were discussing Pratt’s own transformation. “Walks are not just for old people. I’ve really gotten into walks. We all know that it can be good for ourbodieo, but, mentally, in terms of the meditation of it all, and the clarity of the mind, and what you are able to think about and what comes up for you when you’re walking, that was super surprising for me. I’m trying to integrate that. Because I always thought that was a waste of my time, honestly. I would see people walking and I’d be like, “They should get on a treadmill! They should do some sprints. They should get in the gym.” I’m realising, “No, no, bro, you got that wrong. That’s actually as important as anything else.’”

Lowe expressed that Pratt also shared the importance of consuming water and how much diet factors into workout routine and achieving the aesthetics of your goals. It’s led Lowe to enter one of the fittest periods of his life – and it shows. “There’s nothing wrong with working out because you care about how you look. There’s nothing wrong with that. In a perfect world, it’s balanced with things that are less vain. Health and wellbeing and mindfulness and all those other buzzwords. That’s all great,” says Lowe. “But let’s face it: to really, really, really be in there grinding, you have to want to see the results physically.”

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