The 7 Best Reusable Water Bottles You Need Today

The 7 best reusable water bottles you need today

Quench your thirst with our curated collection of trendy reusable water bottles. From office to gym, here's how to ensure your hydration game makes a splash

WATER HAS ALWAYS BEEN a popular beverage. No one doubts that very obvious statement, but lately, it’s taken on a whole new level of trendiness. Just look around your office, job site, or even just the streets – you’ll see people proudly clutching their stylish, reusable water bottles. It’s become more than just a way to stay hydrated; it’s a fashion statement. And while it’s amusing to think that something as basic as drinking water has become a trendy accessory, if it encourages people to drink more H2O, then we’re all in favour. Let’s just hope this trend sticks around longer than some of the others we’ve seen come and go.

Benefits of using a reusable bottle 

Using a reusable water bottle isn’t just about staying hydrated; it’s about making a splash in the world of sustainability. By ditching single-use plastic bottles, you’re not only saving the planet, one sip at a time, but also safeguarding some serious cash in the process. Reusable bottles also encourage people to drink more water throughout the day, leading to better hydration and overall health. Furthermore, many reusable bottles are made from durable materials, ensuring longevity and reducing waste. Incorporating a reusable water bottle into one’s daily routine is a simple yet impactful way to contribute to a healthier planet and lifestyle. Reusable water bottles are not just a big tick in the green thumb conversation, but also for human health. Stainless steel and other reusable bottles are BPA-free and won’t expose you to harmful toxins and chemicals. 

Choosing your next sidekick to carry around to the office, job site or the gym can be tough, with so many hip new options. So, we’ve taken the stress out of this crucial decision, showcasing some of the best and most durable options on the market. 


Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState 

Kicking off the list we have possibly the most popular of reusable bottle on the market. The Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler is your ultimate hydration companion for 2024. This ‘big guy’ is available in groovy pastel hues, and ensures all-day hydration with fewer refills. Whether you’re at your desk, hitting the gym, or finding your zen in a yoga session, the double-wall vacuum insulation keeps your water ice cold for up to 48 hours. Its slim base fits snugly in your cupholder, making it perfect for on-the-go hydration. The advanced FlowState lid offers versatility with three positions: a straw opening to secure the reusable straw, a drink opening for easy sipping, and a full-cover top to resist splashes. There’s no better way to stay hydrated and stylish this year.

Stanley Aerolight 

Moving onto another product from the Stanley stable, the Aerolight, another versatile companion for on-the-go hydration. Crafted from BPA-free recycled stainless steel, this sleek bottle keeps your beverages at the perfect temperature for hours. With double-wall insulation and a spill-resistant lid, it’s ideal for any adventure, whether you’re commuting to work or exploring the great outdoors. The Aerolight differs from the previous quencher, boasting an impressive performance, keeping drinks cold for 10 hours and iced for an incredible two days. Plus, its AeroLight featherweight technology makes it 33 per cent lighter than standard stainless-steel drinkware, while the leakproof Fast Flow Lid ensures easy pouring, drinking, and cleaning. Complete with a convenient easy-carry handle and dishwasher-safe design, the Aerolight is built for life and backed by Stanley’s lifetime warranty. Seems like one tough bottle in our opinion. 

Frank Green

Introducing the Frank Green Ceramic Reusable Bottle with Straw Lid, possibly the pioneer in this reusable water bottle trend, and the epitome of reusable bottle perfection. Wave goodbye to metallic-tasting water and hello to pure flavour bliss. With its spill-proof design, you can bid farewell to gym and work bag disasters while staying perfectly hydrated on the move. This bottle doesn’t just keep your drink at the optimal temperature for hours, it does so with style and flair. Crafted with a ceramic-lined construction and an unbreakable base, it’s as durable as it is chic. So, whether you’re sipping on a piping hot coffee or a refreshing iced tea, Frank Green has got you covered in the best way possible.

Freesip Stainless Steal Insulated

Owala’s FreeSip Stainless Steel Insulated Bottle is your ultimate hydration companion, designed by a team dedicated to making life easier and more enjoyable. With slimmer measurements then most on the list, this bottle is compact yet spacious, crafted from durable stainless steel with a whopping triple-layer insulation to keep your beverages at the perfect icy temperature. Its leak-proof lid and innovative FreeSip spout with a built-in straw ensure effortless sipping on the go, while the wide opening makes refilling a breeze. Complete with a convenient carry loop, Owala’s bottle is ready to be your trusty sidekick, helping you stay hydrated while you crack on with the day ahead.

Waterdrop sports bottle 

Want something with a little more grunt? The Waterdrop Sports Bottle will have you sorted for your next outdoor adventure. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, it’s the ultimate companion for your sporting endeavours. With a convenient Pull-Up cap for one-handed use and a perfect size of 800ml, this bottle is designed to elevate your game. Its 18/8 stainless steel construction ensures durability while being lightweight and odourless. Plus, it’s easy to clean and leakproof, giving you peace of mind on the go. Stay hydrated in style with the Waterdrop Sports Bottle. It’s BPA-free and ready to tackle any challenge. 

Metal Eco Bottle 

Introducing another sleek stainless steel water bottle. Say goodbye to disposable bottles and hello to a cost-effective, eco-friendly alternative. With its tapered, contoured shape, this bottle fits comfortably in your hand and effortlessly slips into your bag or backpack. Whether you’re on the go or at the table, it’s the perfect companion. Designed for convenience, it’s lightweight, leak-proof, and boasts a hygienic-covered spout for easy drinking. Crafted from durable material, it’s built to last, while the non-slip mat ensures stability on any surface. Plus, its fashionable single-wall metal body adds a touch of style to your hydration routine. SHOP NOW

Takeya Actives Water Bottle

Quench your thirst anytime, anywhere with the Takeya Actives Spout Insulated Bottle. Another vacuum-insulated, double-wall design bottle that ensures your drinks stay icy cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 12 hours, perfect for on-the-go hydration. The convenient spout lid allows for easy sipping, chugging, or pouring without removing the entire lid. With a wide mouth for effortless cleaning and ice filling, and a silicone bumper for added protection against dents, this bottle is both practical and durable. Plus, its leak-proof design and BPA-free construction make it a reliable and eco-friendly choice for your daily hydration needs.



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