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The Biggest Dating Turn-offs, According To A Woman Who Has Been On 1000 Dates

If there's one woman to listen to, it's this one.

There is nothing more of a turn on for a woman than a man who knows how to push her buttons. When a man knows how to turn on a woman, he can have whatever he wants—well almost anything. But, for women, it seems like men often do a better job of turning them off rather than getting them turned on.

As a relationship coach and matchmaker, I’ve heard so many horror stories from my clients about their experiences on dates- some that have even seen my mouth drop to the floor. Even when I was in the dating scene, I had my fair share of experiences from men that were instant turn-offs.

If you’re heading on a date this week and want to ace it, then make sure you take into consideration the below biggest turn-offs that could sabotage your chances.

Checking out other women

It should be basic knowledge, but it happens all too often.

Women can see when you’re checking out someone else… no matter how subtle you think you are being. If we don’t think you are interested in us, then we won’t be interested in you.

Keep your eyes on your date and compliment them on their looks rather than satisfying your wandering eyes.

Personal Hygiene

Women see everything – we know if you’ve brushed your teeth or not, had a shower, or been bothered to put cologne on. The smallest details matter when it comes to personal hygiene – they work together to help us paint a picture of your attractiveness level. You don’t have to be the most attractive guy in the room, but if women can see that you take care of yourself, you’ll be a level above those who don’t. Your smile is what’s going to draw women in, if your teeth are yellow or dirty, you may be ruining your best asset – go grab some good toothpaste, a whitening kit, and clean yourself up. And, for the love of God, wash your hair! We don’t want a side of grease with our dinner.


Men who were raised well, show polite manners, and are careful of the language they use are much more attractive to women! It shows maturity, a level of awareness, and sophistication. The best of part of this turn off is that it’s easy to fix. Here are a few suggestions on how to improve your manners and get your date to fall madly in love with you.

Your date should be your form of entertainment, not your phone… put it away!

We’ve all got jobs – respect the workers you might encounter on your date.

Show us your level of interest by arriving early, didn’t your mum teach you that it’s rude to be late.

Ditch the sexual innuendos for a minute – make meaningful jokes.


The conversation on a date is make or break – there’s nothing worse for women than awkward silence, I can’t imagine it being pleasant for men either. We don’t care about how many cars you have, how much money you earn, or the people you know. Most women will see this as a red flag if these topics come up during a date.

Also, quit talking about your past partners, we aren’t that person, not all women are the same. Ask your date questions about their life and never interrupt them mid-response… it’s rude and makes you seem uninterested.

Being too forward

Don’t automatically assume they want to come home with you on the first date – it can be such a turn off when a man makes this assumption – remember, what will happen will happen. If I had a dollar for every time this happened to me, I’d have enough money for a lifetime subscription to Tinder Platinum. Quit bragging about your prowess in the bedroom as well – men who talk the talk but can’t walk the walk are unattractive and turn women off.

If you want a second date your chances are much higher with proper hygiene, respect and paying attention to her interests. Simple, yet so often absent from dating horror stories. Set a higher bar!

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