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The Gruelling Workout Keeping Retired Alex Rodriguez In Shape

Most professional athletes could call time on fitness during retirement, but A-Rod proves that it’s not just about competitive drive, but also keeping your body in peak physical condition for longevity, too.

The name Alex Rodriguez – otherwise known as A-Rod – is a well known one. Regardless of whether you follow baseball religiously or not, the star player has become something of a household name, transcending the sport alone thanks to his passion for fitness and the kind of motivational self-talk that inspires countless others to get up and attack the day. A-Rod was just 17 when he went from high school to the majors. In a career spanning more than two decades, he had contracts worth over $450 million and the kind of dominance on the field that made him a valuable asset. While his retirement in 2016 was certainly a sad one for his fans, it’s hard not to recognise his time in the sport and admit it a well-deserved one. But if you thought he was sitting back with his feet up, think again. 

Recently, A-Rod shared a glimpse into the workout he’s maintained during retirement that has allowed him to stay in peak physical condition. In the last few years, the baseball star has achieved something of a body transformation and it’s about time he shifted gears from the low-key rig he’s been sporting to getting a little more acclaim for such hard work and dedication. As A-Rod will tell you, he’s feeling great since incorporating more consistent workouts, even going so far as to say he “finally put down the chips” and “left the dad bod in 2020.” 

You know we love a fitness transformation here at Men’s Health HQ, and more than that, we love to see the process behind the gains. Thankfully, A-Rod has been sharing clips of his workout on social media, taking to Instagram and Facebook to post clips of him doing barbell complexes including deadlifts, hang cleans, back squats and front squats, typically accompanied by some motivational hashtags to get his followers as excited for their daily workout as he is. 

And in his most recent Facebook post, A-Rod stripped back to nothing but just shorts and sneakers, showcasing his impressive torso while performing a series of upper body exercises. In the video, you can see the retired professional putting his back and shoulders through some gruelling movements including a wide grip pull-up and narrow grip chin-ups, as well as standing dumbbell shoulder presses and medicine ball throws. 

Naturally, what with A-Rod being A-Rod, there’s even Eye of the Tiger playing as the background soundtrack, which will be sure to inspire anyone. 

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