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The Surprising Reason Dwayne Johnson Doesn’t Have The Six-Pack Abs You’d Expect

He’s one of the strongest leading men in Hollywood, but only recently did The Rock reveal why he doesn’t have that flashy six-pack most people would expect from a man of his muscular standing.

Since Marvel movies came to be a backbone of the industry, you can guarantee that every year, an actor will be thrust into the spotlight due simply to their epic transformation. CGI goes a long way to helping Hollywood’s top actors fill out their superhero costumes, but for the most part nothing quite touches a strict diet plan and gruelling training regimen. But while a transformation shot can generate viral clicks, actors often relinquish their workout schedule as soon as filming is finished. It makes the physique of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson all the more impressive. This is a man who day in and day out, continues to grind in the gym for nothing other than the desire to push his body to the limits and explore his potential. Sure, he’s come to be known for his impressive frame and be seen as the go-to action star for Hollywood blockbusters, but Johnson’s physique requires an incredible amount of dedication to maintain. 

Since he burst onto our screens as the wrestling superstar, Johnson has continued to amass a loyal following of fans intent on tracking his workout progress, diet, and those Cheat Days that have become a beast of their own creation. But while Johnson has always been transparent with his training and countless hours spent in the gym, there is one mystery that has continued to surround the Hollywood star. For a man of his size and strength, where are his abs? Given the amount of time he spends in the gym, surely Johnson would be flaunting a six-pack by now? After all, he’s got the core strength and low-level body fat required to make them pop. 

If you’ve questioned the existence of Johnson’s abs, you’re not alone. It’s apparently such a highly searched question on Google, that on a recent WIRED ‘autocomplete’ interview with his Jungle Cruise co-star Emily Blunt, one of the internet community’s most burning questions was in fact “What’s wrong with The Rock’s abs?”

“That’s so f***** up!” Johnson replied after reading the question about his physique. “There’s nothing wrong with them, no. here’s the thing. I think because on Instagram, all these Instagram fitness models have these incredible six, eight, 12, 24-pack stomachs.”

He added, “I got like a five-and-a-half pack, sometimes a four-and-a-half pack. But the problem was – which a lot of people don’t know – I tore in a wrestling match, I tore the top of my quad off my pelvis, it went bang, in a wrestling match. And then what that did was that caused a chain reaction and it tore my abdomen wall, so then I had to do a triple hernia emergency surgery, of a tear, a tear and a tear [pointing to each tear].”

If ever there was a valid reason not to bust out the crunches in need of a six-pack, it’s having to endure that amount of pain and the arduous recovery that resulted from the tears. “These f****** assholes who are Googling ‘what’s wrong with The Rock’s abs?’ Well, it’s called a wrestling match for 45 minutes and the top of my quad popped off my pelvis, and my adductor popped off my pelvis,” said Johnson. 

“And the pain I went through…I gotta fix that s***t. I’m gonna Google ‘what did The Rock overcome?’”

By Jessica Campbell

Jess is a storyteller committed to sharing the human stories that lie at the heart of sport.

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