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The Workout That Gets Salt Bae His Shredded Six-Pack

He might be the seasoning king, but Salt Bae’s life is a commitment to fitness and tight white tees.

He’s the internet sensation known universally as Salt Bae (aka Nusret Gökçe). But even then, the moniker seems redundant. All he needs to do is simply strike the pose that made him a household name, one that requires a flick of the wrist, the pinching of fingers, and the artful dusting of seasoning. Since going viral with that Instagram video, Salt Bae has amassed something of a cult-like following online. But if you’ve spent any time on his social channels, you’ll realise that this isn’t a man who simply got lucky with a viral video. Rather, his is an existence committed to his passions of meat, tight white tees, and fitness. After all, those abs of steel don’t make themselves. 

While enjoying a recent holiday in Mykonos, Salt Bae shared a number of images to the gram showcasing his shredded abs and lean physique. Given how busy he is running a restaurant, the fact Salt Bae manages to never miss a gym workout is outstanding and worth consideration. When it comes to his workout routine, Gökçe revealed that he never makes any excuses and always finds time to workout. A fan of boxing and body-weight workouts, he explains, “It gives me the definition and core strength I want. A lot of jumping rope, ropes, anything to not only stimulate muscle but also keep me quick. I have to be fast in the kitchen.”

Recently, Gökçe asked his 36.5 million followers to send him footage of their own workout routines. “Record the video of your outdoor or indoor training and send to I will post it! Be creative! Use stone, elastic ropes, any equipment does the job…important is to start your trainings! Let the oxygen flow through your veins! I will watch all of them! Let the power be with you!! You are inspiring me!”

When it comes to his diet, Salt Bae told GQ in an interview that he sticks to a lot of protein. “For breakfast it’s oatmeal usually, sometimes hard-boiled egg whites – never the yolks – with tomatoes and cheese and a piece of toast. I’m typically too busy working in the restaurant during the day to have lunch, but then have a large piece of red meat for dinner with whatever vegetables are around.”

As to whether he has a guilty pleasure, the king of season answered simply: “No meal should make you feel guilty if you eat healthy and exercise regularly.”

Clearly living the good life, Gökçe is proof that when you make time for exercise, everything else follows suit. His diet is one that fuels his workouts and with that in mind, Gökçe doesn’t limit himself when it comes to eating. Rather, he enjoys his food and eats the foods he loves to ensure he has the stamina to power him through his busy days. 

By Jessica Campbell

Jess is a storyteller committed to sharing the human stories that lie at the heart of sport.

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