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This Is How Compression Helps You Run Further – And Faster

You won’t believe your PB while wearing 2XU tights.

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For anyone who’s ever thought, ‘I can’t do that’, you haven’t tried compression. While we all struggle at times with the motivation needed to get fit – and then keep fit – sometimes all we need is a little help. A mate, pro trainer, work buddy or even the right workout gear can take that training schedule next level and get you back in the game, stat.

When it comes to high-tech training gear, compression makes everyone on every level move that much better, especially if those tights are 2XU. From running, walking and cycling to circuit training, triathlon and pilates, every sport feels easier when you’re wearing 2XU. It’s because, unlike regular tights, the world-leading 2XU (Two Times You) Compression gear is designed for extended movement and then accelerated recovery, so they get you back out there where the endorphins kick in sooner.  Its unique graduated compression profile encourages blood flow towards the heart, allowing you to reduce injury, perform better and recover faster.

Utilising research and testing conducted with athletes and world- renowned institutions, 2XU compression allows everyone to experience the benefits of compression, no matter their ability – from weekend warrior to elite athlete and everyone in between. It’s all about creating a fitter, healthier world, moving forward. If these past few years have taught us anything, it’s that we’re better and stronger together. 

So just like a pair of compression tights don’t do much without the wearer, likewise, when we work together towards achieving goals, we are that much better.  

On a mission to help reset your  goals, refocus and make a change, 2XU is championing inspiring real-life stories, showing everyone that change is possible and a fitter, healthier life is doable.  

Its “Better Together” campaign features members of the loyal 2XU community, focusing on real people and their real stories, communicating that through sport, we can do hard things together.

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