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Want Chris Evans’ ‘Trash Stache’ From The Gray Man? Netflix Is Now Selling That 

When it comes to pushing merchandise, you can trust Chris Evans to get the job done.

Chris Evans is a man whose features are so extraordinarily handsome, you should really hate him for it. But with that quick wit, disarming sense of humour and affable personality that comes to the fore in any behind-the-scenes footage, red carpet interviews and press tours, it seems clear that it’s impossible to detest the guy. Rather, Evans is the man we all wish we had as a friend. Having played a number of roles over the course of his Hollywood career, it’s hard to pick a favourite but each, it seems safe to say, has their own distinct sense of style that’s seen Evans himself become something of a sartorial stylist known for inspiring the wardrobes of many. His latest role might just top the lot though, going so far as to inspire not just one’s sense of style, but grooming habits, too. 

In the highly anticipated action thriller, The Gray Man, Chris Evans plays Lloyd, a “psychopathic”contract killer who is currently on the trail of protagonist Court Gentry (Ryan Gosling). When it comes to the film itself, it boasts an excessive budget and the kind of hype one now comes to expect of a Russo brothers’ film that’s punctuated by a slew of famous faces and big names. But perhaps it’s the union of Evans and Gosling on screen that has us most excited. 

As Evans explained, the character of Lloyd is “a train wreck of a human being.” Speaking to Esquire about the film, the actor said: “That guy can be anything in any scene, because all he wants is anarchy…This is a character I’ve never been able to play. He’s so liberated, and free, and honest. What I like about him is that you should almost fear his smile more than his scowl. I think he understands that what he does is bad and harmful, but I think he considers himself necessary. He thinks he’s a disrupter.”

It’s something of a welcome departure for Evans following his long-standing role as Steve Rogers in Marvel’s Captain America and Avengers movies, a character that many felt was rubbing against the edges of Evans’ own persona: highly likeable, charismatic and an all-round great guy. Now, Evans is intent on shaking up his on-screen image, and Lloyd seems like just the character to do that. 

Naturally though, all multidimensional characters need to have certain attributes, namely that of their own sense of style. If you’ve seen the trailer for The Gray Man, you’d be aware then, that all anyone is now talking about is the trash stache sported by Evans in the film. It’s a bold, ‘70s-inspired moustache and while it feels slightly ominous, it’s also not without its admirers. Now, in a genius stroke of marketing, Netflix has created replicas of the facial hair – dubbed the “Trash Stache” – that are available to purchase for $15 USD. 

If, like the Russo brothers, you’ve seen the moustache and been left wondering: “But do they smell like Chris Evans?” the answer is (perhaps thankfully), no. But if you’re looking to commit to a character and Lloyd takes your fancy, you might just be able to bask in the glory of the psychopathic, train wreck of a human being for a little while longer. 

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