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Watch Jason Momoa Take On An Intense Boxing Workout

The Aquaman star is busy getting back into peak physical shape for the underwater adventure sequel.

Few people look like a superhero in plain clothes, simply due to physique and stature alone. But then again, few people can attest to being Jason Momoa, a man whose strength and gym-honed body is so superhuman, it’s hard to imagine anyone else prying a role like Aquaman or Khal Drogo from his hands. If you saw the first Aquaman, you would be familiar with the physicality such a role demands. For everyday humans, simply wading through water is enough to see you tire as your muscles shrivel like prunes. Momoa happens to make it all look easy, and even adds fighting sequences into the mix as well. While the star actor is known for hating workouts, it’s clear that he still puts in the hard work to get superhero ready for his roles. As he prepares for the sequel, he’s giving fans a glimpse into the physically demanding process such films require. 

For the upcoming DC sequel Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Momoa is busy getting into the best shape of his life. He recently shared a video of his boxing training, in which Momoa shows off his hand-to-hand fighting skills with boxing coach Ian Streetz. You need only see the clip to know that those fighting sequences Momoa has to film in the movie probably don’t take him that long to master, he’s already got the skills in the gym. 

The video ends with some comedic humour, as Momoa delivers a mock knockout to the person behind the camera. It’s the latest video in a series from the cast of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, who are all sharing the numerous ways they’re getting back into peak physical shape for what looks to be an even more action-packed sequel. Prior to Momoa’s boxing, there was Yahya Abdul Mateen II who shared a shirtless selfie to alert fans that his Black Manta body was “back under construction,” while Patrick Wilson showcased his strength with five reps of a 420-pound deadlift. Even Amber Heard has been training hard, showing herself rehearsing some elaborate fight choreography. 

The sequel is slated for a release on December 16, 2022 and it’s believed that it’s based on a story idea that Momoa actually pitched to director James Wan while they were still making the first film. The cast also includes returning actors Willem Dafoe and Randall Park, alongside Mateen, Heard and Wilson. 

By Jessica Campbell

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