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Your First Look At Australian Survivor: Heroes vs Villains Has Finally Arrived

It’s that time of the year again: where we avidly watch every episode of Survivor and voice how easily we would complete the challenges and usurp our dominance at tribal council.

For a show that’s been around as long as Survivor now up to its 43rd season in the United States, and ninth here in Australia – you’d have thought producers would have exhausted every possible angle. Surely by now we would have tired of the premise that is sending a group of strangers to some deserted location, where they’re then forced to live off beans and rice as they battle it out in challenges to not only win rewards by way of food and shelter, but also immunity to help keep them in the running to be the ultimate survivor? Surely we would be over the challenges that are both physically and mentally draining, the stunning vistas that speak to the power of nature, and surely we would be over the one-liners delivered by Jonathan LaPaglia at the close of each tribal council? As it turns out – no. We’re not over it, not even close. 

It’s for this reason that news of the upcoming season has already caused something of a meltdown for those of us who are avid Survivor fans. Once again, that time of year has returned, where we’ll be glued to the television screen and plotting our allegiance to one or two characters, all the while confidently voicing how easily we’d tackle the challenges and outwit those around us to win the title. 

With the release of a new trailer, Channel 10 has now giving us our first taste of the upcoming season which will see host LaPaglia return, with filming now taking us to Samoa, “where the beautiful beaches will see Heroes and Villains battle it out in gruelling challenges to come out on top.”

As LaPaglia asks audiences, “In the game of Survivor, who does it better – the hero or a villain?”

Earlier this year, Australian Survivor aired the highly successful Blood vs Water season, which saw players compete alongside family members to see which allegiance proved more significant: those of family ties, or those of strategic alliances. Contestants ranged from twins, couples, siblings and even a well-known mother-daughter duo. 

Many expected Survivor royalty, Sandra Diaz-Twine to take home the title as she took to the show’s competition for a sixth time. This time however, she had her daughter Nina Twine with her in the race to win. Unfortunately, Nina was forced to withdraw from the competition after fracturing her ankle, however the departure was one that led many to question whether she would once again return for the upcoming season of Heroes vs Villains after LaPaglia made a comment just before her departure. 

“Nina, it has been an absolute pleasure having you out here to play Survivor with us, but I have a feeling this is not gonna be the last time we’re gonna see you on Australian Survivor, so let’s get you out of here, and let’s get you healed.”

The full cast of the new season remains to be seen, and Channel 10 is yet to announce a date for the new season’s premiere. Still, the trailer is enough to sustain us for these next few months as we eagerly await the new season. And it seems it will once again be an entertaining one, with high stakes and some intriguing personalities. 

By Jessica Campbell

Jess is a storyteller committed to sharing the human stories that lie at the heart of sport.

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