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“I Did 100 Pullups And Dips Every Day For A Month – Here’s What Happened”

Aiming for 100 reps each day, Doll alternated between the two to ensure he didn’t work the same muscle groups on consecutive days. Aided by a plant-based, vegan diet, his goal was to try on pack as much muscle as possible. 

On day one, Doll managed just 13 reps. Using an app called Full Fitness to track his progress, a pull bar attachment for his door and olympic rings, Doll kept at it.

Following the month-long process, Doll reflected on both the progress and the what he could have done better. 

“Often I would start at 10 p.m. when energy is low… it was terrible,” he said.

“Spreading out the pullups throughout the day would have made more sense.”

The numbers didn’t lie however – his muscle mass increased, gaining just under 3kg going from 74.8 to 77.7 after thirty days. 

You can watch the full journey in the footage above. 

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