How To Conquer The Everest Challenge

How to conquer the Everest challenge

This total-body burner is a test of endurance, strength and determination. Use these tips to record a sky-high score

THE EVEREST CHALLENGE is a test of endurance and willpower that will light up your chest, shoulders, abs and quads. It’s a great workout to compete with friends or to add as a fiery burner to the end of a workout. 

The Everest challenge consists of 3 exercises:



1 Squat jumps

Knees must drop below 90 degrees in your bottom squat and you must fully extend with your feet leaving the ground at the top.



2 Hand release push-ups

Both hands must come off the ground at the bottom and elbows must lockout at the top.



3 Butterfly sit-ups

Your hands must touch the ground behind your head followed by sitting up and touching your toes.

How to do the Everest challenge

Starting with 1 rep of each exercise, add 1 rep to every round without exceeding the rest time limit of 5 seconds. If you need to rest for longer than 5 seconds you’re out! 

Your score is how many rounds you can complete. The challenge is to climb as high as you can. Stick within your skill level. If you’re not ready for push-ups from the toes, regress to the knees. Just make sure it’s consistent for the next time you challenge yourself. 

Now let’s get climbing! Make sure to share your score on the post or share in your stories. Trainers, tack it onto the end of your PT session or class. 

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