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15 Celebs Who Prove Shaving Your Beard Changes Everything

Don’t worry, it grows back.

There comes a time in every man’s life where, standing before the mirror, he asks the question: “To beard or not to beard?” With a discerning eye he appraises his features; the cheekbones, the structure, the shape of his nose and the jawline. To carry a beard is one of life’s little joys. If you’ve ever sported one – whether it be a chunky beard to the beginnings of what could have been something quite majestical – you’ll be familiar with what it does to your character. Suddenly you’re walking taller, there’s a pep in your step, morning routines prove exciting, especially when it involves time before the mirror.

Just recently, the bearded harbinger of deep belly laughs, Seth Rogen, shared an image of him sans beard. The image was all kinds of shocking, leaving many in disbelief that the famed comedian would do such a thing to the facial hair he’s come to be known for. While it doesn’t seem to be a personal decision – the actor is preparing for his latest project, Pam & Tommy – it does go to show that shaving the beard changes everything. No, really. Were it not posted to his own personal account, the actor would be barely recognisable. One person commented on the post, “The f*ck am I looking at? Is that you Seth??? That’s a different person I swear.”

Though the beard certainly changes your profile, the good news is that at the end of the day…it’s just hair. Whether you’re looking to grow one or shave it off entirely, it grows back. A hairstyle or colour change might be one of the more dramatic choices when it comes to changing your look, but a beard can be grown and nurtured until the day you simply decide you’ve had enough, in which case head for the razors. With that in mind, we’ve selected some of the best transformations that have come from actors who have either gone for a close shave or decided to grow it longer.

Seth Rogen

Rogen has become a style icon these days, and this is in part due to his sensational beard and hair. Though he maintains that he does very little with regard to grooming, Rogen’s beard is a sight to behold and we can only hope he brings it back. 



You have to journey pretty far back to find a clean-shaven Drake, as the rapper tends to prefer rocking a beard and sensational fade these days. And boy, does he do it well. 


Henry Cavill

Look, when you’re the man who played Superman, chances are you can pull off anything – and that’s exactly what Cavill does. He’s a man who wears a moustache well, something few can attest to. But equally, when you have a jawline like that, it seems remiss to conceal it. 


John Krasinski

If ever you needed proof that the beard can not only make you look older and wiser, but add sophistication, this has to be it. Or maybe it’s just because without a beard, we can’t help but see Jim from The Office when we look at Krasinski. 


Jake Gyllenhaal

Gyllenhaal has perfected both the clean-shaven look and the beard and it should be commended. We’ve rarely seen a man with such impeccable grooming – hand this man a medal. 


Ben Affleck

Batman needs a beard is all we can say. While Affleck seems to have perfected the laidback ‘Dad’ look, there’s something about his salt-and-pepper beard that makes him perpetually cool. 


Jared Leto

You have to go far back to find Leto without facial hair, he’s really having a moment with the beard and long hair that we don’t want to mess with. But with such chiseled features, Leto seems to suit the beard – or at least some facial hair, as it softens his otherwise carved-from-marble jawline. 


Hugh Jackman

Granted, we’re not sure if we love Jackman’s beard because of the Wolverine vibes, or because we just love Jackman altogether, but the Aussie Golden Child proves he knows a thing or two about grooming when it comes to his facial hair. 


Kit Harrington

Much like Seth Rogen and the bearded actors that have come before him, Harrington without a beard seems unnatural. We’re so accustomed to the star with a beard that sans facial hair, we have to do a double take. 


Christian Bale

He’s perfected the physical transformation and now Bale has perfected the facial hair transition. He’s known to sport anything from some stubble and a moustache to a full beard and each he wears well. 


Matthew McConaughey

Greenlights mean go, and McConaughey gets our permission to shave or grow out the beard. With his year-round tan and chiseled jawline, the man can do no wrong. Sadly fellas, sometimes it’s just a game of genetics. 


Brad Pitt

Throughout his career, Brad Pitt has maintained his position as a Grooming God and quite frankly, who are we to fault this man for his facial hair choices. All of them are extraordinary and have a place in the canon of pop culture “It” moments. 


Chris Pine

He went from the frat-boy stereotypical lead, to a mature actor known for his dramatic skills. Pine seems to have reflected that in his grooming choices and now regular sports a clean-shaven look. 


Ryan Reynolds

Fresh-faced Ryan Reynolds somehow always looks like he’s just about to pull a prank on you. Ryan with a beard, though? Sophisticated, stylish, and every bit the gentleman (who still has a wicked sense of humour). 


Chris Hemsworth

Hemsworth can do no wrong when it comes to grooming, but we have to say that the beard seems to perfectly reflect his brand of laidback-cool that he does so well. 


By Jessica Campbell

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