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This 20-Minute Circuit Will Obliterate Your Arms

If you want to build sleeve-filling muscle, push your mental resilience, and earn some serious bragging rights, you’ve come to the right place. 

This gruelling 18-minute circuit – created for Men’s Health by London-based PT and F45 UK ambassador Bradley Simmonds – will shock your arms into serious growth and elevate your mental fortitude.

Seem straightforward? Not so fast. The circuit is designed to be completed three times, with no rest in between.

Grab a water bottle and dig deep, this one’s going to sting…

Standing dumbbell bicep curl

Stand holding two dumbbells at your sides, palms facing forwards. Move only your forearms to curl the weights up to your shoulders. Return under control to the start position.

Standing dumbbell tricep extension

Stand tall and hold a dumbbell with both hands directly above your head. Slowly flex your elbows and lower the weight behind your head as you keep your upper arms still. Extend your arms and repeat. 

Arnold press

Sit on a bench with dumbbells held in front of you, palms facing your shoulders as though you’ve just finished a bicep curl. Push the dumbbells up over your head while rotating your arms until your palms face away from you. Straighten your arms, pause, then reverse the movement.

Dumbbell hammer curl

Hold a dumbbell in each hand at your sides, palms facing your hips. Curl the weights up until your thumbs are near your shoulders, then lower. 

Seated dumbbell kickback

Sit down and hold a dumbbell with your right hand. Start with your arm bent, bringing the dumbbell next to your chest so your upper arm is parallel to the floor, and straighten your arm behind you using your forearm. Return slowly to the start position and repeat.

Lateral raise

Pick a couple of dumbbells and stand with them by your sides, palms facing your body. Keeping your upper body still – that means no swinging – lift the dumbbells out to your side with a slight bend at your elbows. Lift until your arms are parallel to the floor then slowly lower to the start position.

This article originally appeared on Men’s Health UK.

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