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8 Mindblowing Sex Trends We’ll See In 2018

2017 was stressful, to say the least. There is, however, some good news on the horizon: 2018 promises to offer some exciting technological advances for your sex life. Who said tech wasn’t sexy? We reached out to the hottest sex tech companies to share what they have up their sleeve for 2018. From better options for male sex toys to more realistic-looking sex dolls, here’s what you can expect from sex tech in the new year.


When it comes to sex toys, the options on the market are overwhelmingly targeted at women, and penises are usually left out of the equation. But that’s slowly starting to change. The sex toy company TENGA, which is known for its disposable egg masturbation sleeves, is planning to launch its FLIP ZERO, which is a sleek, non-disposable masturbation sleeve featuring vibration. “Given that preference of stimulation varies person-to-person, the strong edition, named FLIP ZERO Black, comes out in summer/fall of 2018,” TENGA global marketing manager Eddie Marilee told Men’s Health.


The Gala, a vibrator brought to you by the sex toy company We-Vibe, allows you to control your partner’s pleasure remotely via its We-Connect app. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, or simply out of town on a business trip, you can control the vibrator from afar. You can tease her by playing with various speeds, and even set vibrations to the beat of your favourite song. Expect more sex toy companies to jump on board with such technology in 2018.

Not in an LDR? The sex tech company also makes dope partner toys, such as the Sync, which your partner can wear during penetrative sex. It’s shaped like a “C” and goes inside the vagina, stimulating the G-spot, while wrapping externally to hit the clitoris as well. Not only does it feel good for her, but it turns her vagina into a delightful vibrating orifice, so you both get to enjoy the sensations.

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There’s nothing wrong with masturbating to your favorite porn star, but sometimes, you just want to see normal, average couples getting it on. Enter websites like MakeLoveNotPorn, where real-life couples upload videos of themselves having sex for you to enjoy. The founder of the website, Cindy Gallop, told Men’s Health that as taboos about sex and sexuality fall away, she expects to see filmed sex breaking away from mainstream porn sites and more amateur couples uploading their own content

“I’m looking forward to 2018 being the year of the Social Sex Revolution,” Gallop told Men’s Health. “We can no longer go on behaving around sex the way we always have — consigning it to the shadows, refusing to talk about it openly and honestly.” Even if you’re too shy to get on camera in the buff, that’s a sentiment we can hopefully all get behind.


Anal sex is undergoing something of a renaissance –  and sex toy companies are meeting this increased demand by creating anal sex toys like the b-Vibe, a rimming plug that offers the sensation of getting your butt licked . More adventurous souls will be able to explore pegging (a term used to describe a woman wearing a strap-on and penetrating a man) when b-Vibe officially launches its line of pegging dildos in 2018.


All bodies are different, and sex toy companies are finally starting to understand this. In 2018, you’ll probably see more customisable toys like MysteryVibe’s vibrating Crescendo , which snaps into various shapes sort of like a Transformer and truly puts the “toy” in “sex toy.”


Yes, sex robots are right around the corner (in fact, the creator of the sex doll Samantha says that she’s even capable of simulating orgasm). But before we start seeing them pop up on our shelves, the company Real Doll is producing sex dolls that look so realistic they border on creepy. The company says it’s aiming to integrate AI technology into their products by the end of this year, sort of like if Alexa was combined with a sex doll.

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Yes, we know that you’re a sex machine, but are you or your partner brave enough to actually try one out for yourselves? We’re all familiar with vibrating saddles like the Sybian and the Motorbunny, which have traditionally been targeted at female buyers, but in 2018, that’ll change. There’s already a delightfully named “Jiggle Butt” for men that’s basically exactly what it sounds like, and in January the Cowgirl will launch a partnership with b-Vibe for men who enjoy prostate stimulation. Ride ’em, cowboy. Just don’t forget the lube.


The one problem with high-end sex toys? They’re all pretty expensive. According to Polly Rodriguez, the CEO and Co-Founder of sex tech company Unbound, 2018 will see the rise of more affordable pleasure products. “As we continue to see the distribution of wealth in the country become more strained, customers are going to keep their expectations for high quality, but demand reasonable prices,” she told Men’s Health. So fear not if you can’t afford a Real Doll: there’s plenty of affordable pleasure to look forward to in the New Year.
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