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These Are The 5 Biggest Sex Trends Of 2023

New research shows the surprising sex trends coming to our relationships and our bedrooms this year.

2023 is going to be a big year for sex. All over the world, people are getting back out there, revisiting the dating scene and exploring different types of pleasure. Keeping up with the latest sex trends is seriously important if you’re looking to impress in the bedroom. Whether you want to blow away a one-night stand or reignite the passion with your partner, these five trends could help get the job done.

This latest research comes from Lovehoney Group, a leading sexual wellness company that keeps its finger on the pulse of all the latest trends in sex. “Research and innovation is a key pillar for creating the best sexual wellness products out there,” says Lovehoney Group’s Head of Innovation, Sarah Moglia. “We keep a close eye on current trends, study findings and the latest technical innovations.” In short, they know what they’re talking about when it comes to sex and have the evidence to back it up.

According to Moglia, understanding the latest sex trends can lead to a healthier grasp of sexuality and of course, better sex. “They can help more people think about sexuality in new ways and, especially, bring more sexual happiness to everybody!”

Let’s get down to business. These are the five biggest sex trends that are going to take our relationships by storm in 2023.

1. Wild Fantasies

Sexual fantasies are on the rise and in 2023 we’re being more open about them than ever before. Obviously, we’ve always had sexual fantasies, but they haven’t always been the kind of bedroom talk your partner wants to hear. Now the trends show people are being more open about their fantasies and willing to act on them. It’s a part of a bigger trend that covers destigmatising sexuality.

According to Lovehoney’s global survey, 46% of men open up about their deepest sexual desires within the first three months of a new relationship. Gone are the days of taking things slow, the survey shows that people are no longer afraid to let their partner know what gets them going.

The most popular sexual fantasy for men is having sex with someone that isn’t their partner. While not everyone will be willing to indulge in a fantasy of promiscuity and polygamy, it could be worth a shot. Rounding out the top three fantasies for men are oral sex and sex with a stranger.

It’s not just men that have sexual fantasies, women have them too! But the most popular female fantasies are a little more tame. The top sexual fantasy for women was simply, romantic sex, followed by meaningful sex and public intimacy. Looking to impress your partner or reignite your life under sheets? You could give these a try. The trends show it can’t hurt to ask.

2. Sexual Mindfulness

With the rise of smartphones and the availability of a never-ending stream of content on social media, our minds are subject to overstimulation, so our bodies are eager to take things slow. Lovehoney’s research shows that with sex, it’s now more about the journey rather than the destination as we now view sex as more than a means to an end to achieve a climax.

Sexual mindfulness is big at the moment. That means we want less casual dating and meaningless flings and more focused sexual interactions. What this means in practice is to focus on being in the moment. Forget about all the pressure to perform or to even climax. “People are now looking for a holistic experience rather than quick satisfaction,” says Christine Rafe, Womanizer’s sex and relationship expert.

3. Sex Tech And Cyber Action

We live in an age of unprecedented technological advancements and innovations that have revolutionised the entire concept of sex. It was inevitable that all the new tech of the 21st century would eventually make its way into our sex lives. And with the isolation of the COVID pandemic, virtual sexperiences gained popularity. Now that we’re past lockdowns, people are merging the best of both worlds with tech that can make our sex lives infinitely better.

Sex-robots are the new big thing. With 36% of people willing to try one out. While sex toys are also getting smarter, with a plethora of products on the market that offer everything from app-connectivity to vibration patterns synced to music and heat functions. Lovehoney’s global survey shows that 60% of people are open to using app-controlled sex-toys. The overwhelmingly popular reason for doing so, with 79% of responses, was to spice things up in the bedroom.

The advent of the Metaverse has opened another window for sexual gratification. With users exploring the platform as a means to please themselves sexually. “The combined anonymity and intimacy of this platform, allows people to engage with this topic further, where they perhaps don’t feel comfortable in real life,” says Lovehoney global sextech expert Bryony Cole.

4. Open Intimacy

People are becoming far more open with their intimacy in 2023. Rather than awkwardly shuffling around taboo topics, younger people, particularly Gen Z, are tackling them head-on.

There comes a time when you’re growing up when the topic of masturbation can’t be ignored. It’s an important period of sexual education and we all had different methods of discovery, but a Lovehoney survey has shown that for people aged 18-24, the internet has become as big a source of information for learning about masturbation as actually trying it out themselves. For people aged 35 and older, the primary source of information was self-testing or discussing it with friends and family. This is a result of the growing trend of turning to social media as a channel for education.

With easy access to sex-ed, young people are becoming more open about being intimate, which has a range of benefits. According to Lovehoney Group’s report, “Open intimacy leads to better communication about our needs and desires. A better exchange on what is needed for sexual fulfilment ultimately leads to better relationships and more sexual happiness.”

5. Re-Exploring Anal

Love it or hate it, exploring anal sex is back in a big way in 2023. But it’s not simply female anal penetration that’s trending, a new range of stimulatory practices are on the rise. Studies have found that around 35% of men have tried anal sex. Although, a whopping 67% of men only give anal sex and don’t receive it. 2023 will see more guys testing the waters to see if prostate stimulation is all its cracked up to be.

Four out of five men don’t know that the prostate is an erogenous zone. With this knowledge, a whole new world of sexual pleasure is unlocked that is sure to be popular this year. Just remember to take Lovehoney sex coach Cam Fraser’s advice, “You shouldn’t force anyone to do it, but if you follow a few guidelines, prostate stimulation can be an intense, positive, and pleasurable experience.”

Porn has taught us that anal is mostly penetrative. But there are actually three distinct ways that anal play can bring pleasure to women. 40% of women find anal surfacing pleasurable. This is when you make contact around the anus, but don’t penetrate. Anal Shallowing is when minimal penetration is made, which can be just as intense as full penetration. And anal Pairing is a whole new wheelhouse. This when simultaneous anal touching and vaginal penetration take place, which is supposedly the most pleasurable of all.

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