Khan Porter: 3 Moves To Build A Strong Back

Khan Porter: 3 moves to build a killer back

A strong back can carry you through life. Here, Men's Health fitness expert Khan Porter reveals his go-to moves to build a back you can count on.

WHO WANTS A strong back, you might ask? You do if you want a symmetrical, evenly proportioned, and most importantly, functional body. With some of the biggest muscles in your body in the Latissimus dorsi (lats) as well as the Trapezius (traps), building up your back increases your overall strength, allowing you to lift heavier overall and perform movements with greater output. If you want to jump higher, sprint faster or throw further, a great base of maximal strength is needed and your back is a crucial component of that.

According to Harvard Health, strong back muscles also aid injury prevention, supporting your spine and reducing the likelihood of strains, sprains, and other injuries that can occur during lifting, bending, or twisting movements. Strengthening your back can also improve your posture, helping you walk taller and helping prevent issues later in life.

Finally, a nod to aesthetics. You might not be able to see it, but a strong back is a gift to onlookers on the beach. Let them drink it in a little as you hit the surf.

Here, Men’s Health’s fitness expert Khan Porter reveals his three go-to moves for building a back that won’t let you down.

Build a strong, functional back

1 Pull-up – 5 x 10

Place your hands outside shoulder-width apart. Initiate movement from your back rather than arms. Squeeze at the top, lower with control.


2 Incline dumbbell row – 3 x12

Keep your chest flat against the bench and your elbows at a 45-degree angle from your body. Begin the movement by pulling your shoulder blades back and keep them back through the entire row.

3 Dumbbell Reverse flys – 5 x 12

Keep your arms as straight as possible and don’t let the angle of your elbow change throughout the move. Use the back of your shoulders to move the bells not momentum. Keep your midline tight.

For more workouts from Khan, check out @iamkhanporter on Instagram.


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By Khan Porter

A seven-time CrossFit Games veteran, former state rugby player and national surf lifesaver, there isn’t much in the realm of fitness that Khan Porter hasn’t conquered. Porter is, quite simply, one of Australia’s fittest men. Having spent most of his entire life keeping his body in peak condition, he’s Men’s Health’s go-to guy for all things fitness. From high-energy cardio sessions to sweat-inducing weights workouts, Porter’s fitness acumen knows no bounds.

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