How To Build A Powerful Chest

How to build a chiselled chest

Your pecs are the key to a killer physique. Here, Men's Health fitness expert Khan Porter reveals his go-to moves to build a strong chest.

LITTLE KNOWN FACT, a chest can make or break a physique. Sick guns, boulder shoulders and eye-popping abs mean nothing if your chest is a flat expanse of flesh, devoid of even a hint of contour.

A strong chest isn’t just an aesthetic necessity, though. Solid pecs contribute to your overall upper body strength, increasing your ability to push objects, whether that’s a loaded barbell, a mate’s queen-sized bed (this guy!) or a stalled sedan.

A powerful chest can also help you throw and heave things, allowing you to put extra mustard on returns to the keeper from fine leg, add metres to your drive on the golf course or lift a gurgling toddler into your arms.

So, what’s the best way to build them? Use the three-move workout below to fashion your chest into one you’ll treasure.

What are pecs?

The pecs refer to the primary muscles of your chest, the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor. The pectoralis major is the large, fan-shaped muscle that comprises most of the chest wall. In addition to keeping your arm attached to your body, the muscle is responsible for flapping, pressing and lifting actions. The pectoralis minor is smaller and flatter; it lies underneath the pec major and is intrinsic to functioning of the shoulder.


Build a powerful chest


1 Plyometric push-up – 5 x 4

Keep your midline tight and avoid bending through your back. Press the floor away as hard as possible. Try to catch with your arms as close to straight as possible.


2 Bench press – 5 x 5

Pull your shoulder blades back, then drive your feet through the floor as you press the bar upward. Lower the bar to the bottom part of your chest but not lower than your sternum.


3 Incline bench 3 x 12-15

Slowly lower the dumbbells under control. Maintain tension through your pecs by not locking out your elbows entirely.

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