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3 Moves To Bulletproof Your Bond

At some point in life, temptation is likely to come your way. With these experts in your corner, you can send it packing.

Do a Reality Check

Sex with the yoga instructor might be hot – but not that hot. “The fantasy usually exceeds the reality,” marriage therapist Dr Paul Hokemeyer says.

“It’s normal to fantasise about someone else, but keep it in your head. Actual affairs are messy and not worth those 15 minutes of sexual bliss.”

Make Face Time

If temptation strikes on the road, turn to apps like Snapchat to instigate foreplay with your wife from afar. “It’ll fight the loneliness,” says psychologist Brandy Engler, author of The Men on My Couch.

When in transit, try a more PG distraction like Words with Friends. “The more fun you have, the better,” Engler says. “Just don’t end the conversation by whining about your day.”

Unleash Your Freak

“If you’re the good guy all day, you may be longing to do something bad,” says Engler.

“Women also want to indulge that naughty side,” she says. “Tell her how you feel. She might say, ‘Me too’.” If so, ask her to read one of her favourite Fifty Shades-style passages to you, Engler says. You’ll learn what kinks she’s looking to explore – and she may feel more inspired to act on them.

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