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40 Per Cent Of Women Are Lying To You About This In Bed

Every bloke wants to thrust like their favourite porn star. So getting positive feedback from your partner is always much appreciated. Unfortunately, nearly half of women won’t tell you about this one little detail that could make sex absolutely mind-blowing. 

According to a new survey featuring more than 1000 people, 40 per cent of women are dishonest about their sexual fantasies. Meanwhile, 45 per cent of us fellas are too afraid to reveal our kinks.

The findings also uncovered some other interesting stats.

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Women weren’t exactly honest about other aspects of their sex life: the research also found that 35 per cent wouldn’t discuss their sexual needs while 18.7 per cent aren’t mentioning their sexual fetishes. 

It wasn’t just taboo acts that women hid from their partners, the survey also found that 16.4 per cent of women weren’t being truthful about the appearance of their partner’s body while 7.3 per cent lied about satisfaction levels when it came to the shape of their partner’s pork sword.

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Other popular white lies included number of past sexual partners and history of sexual health. 

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