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5 Bad Habits You Need To Quit To Smash Your Goals At The Gym in 2018

Andrew Pap is the man in the know when it comes to maximising your workouts. The former soldier and creator of Battle Fit Australia has honed his fitness to incredible peaks, lifting heaving, running long, and motivating his hoards of followers with workout inspiration daily.

As we head to the pointy end of the year, Pap shares his insights into what we need to quit in order to smash our goals in 2018.

Our advice: listen up. The man is a weapon.


1. Quit making up your work outs. Have set routines or structure within your training. So you know exactly what and how you’re training when you step into the gym.


2. No phone! Unless you’re listening to music or following online training program. Too many people are distracted by aimlessly scrolling. Don’t lose the required intensity or focus.


3. Quit training without priming your body for optimal performance and begin the recovery process straight away. Begin to implement correct warming and cooling down routines that’s specific to your training or tailored for any shortcomings you may have. 


4. Quit the over use of caffeinated products to give you the edge. Listen to your body, if you’re fatigued it’s a sign that you require rest. Don’t abuse your adrenals and force your body to quit on you. 


5. Don’t be afraid of cardio!! Implementing some after your strength component can seriously help your lack of pulmonary fitness. Which will definitely translate into you being able to lift for longer! 


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